Can I Airbnb a Cabin in My Garden?

Airbnb has become a phenomenon in the hospitality industry over the last 15 years, bringing tourists new, quirky, and more flexible options when it comes to places to stay. Airbnb has popularised alternative accommodation in recent years. It is now easier than ever to ditch traditional hotels in replacement of canal boats, treehouses, castles, bedroom rentals, cabins, and more for a unique stay. Whilst some people opt to stay in these Airbnbs for a more memorable and exciting stay, they are also great for those looking for affordability and a more authentic experience. Having an Airbnb cabin in your garden is a great way to make an extra income. It gives guests a more authentic and intimate feel for the local area than they could get at a hotel, whilst helping support small businesses and the local economy.

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Having an Airbnb in your garden is a lucrative and interesting side project. Whether you already have a cabin in your garden that you would like to transform into an Airbnb, or if you are just getting started. Either way, it is a great option for those interested in joining the hospitality industry. 


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Can I use my Garden room to rent out on Airbnb?

Yes, existing garden rooms can be used to rent out on Airbnb. As well as ensuring you meet Airbnb’s regulations in regard to service fees and hosting standards, your cabin must also meet the commercial accommodation standards of your local area. These could include obtaining a valid permit and applying for planning permission. You may need to apply for planning permission even if you were already granted it when the structure was built. These regulations differ depending on the region and city of your rental property.

Your garden room will also have to meet health and safety standards to ensure it is suitable to sleep in. This includes the presence of adequate ventilation, escape routes, and ensuring it falls between the minimum and maximum room temperature thresholds. These regulations may not be met in older structures that may be in deteriorating quality, or in structures that were not purpose-built for the use of accommodation. If you are uncertain that your current garden room will meet these requirements, it may be more time and cost-effective to invest in a purpose built camping cabin structure instead. 

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Custom-made Cabins for Airbnb Short-term rental

If you don’t currently have a garden room, purchasing a cabin which is purpose-built to be used as accommodation will help tremendously when trying to meet commercial accommodation regulations. Purchasing an insulated cabin with proper ventilation can help it meet health and safety regulations. All of these factors are considered in Cabin Master's purpose-built holiday let cabins.

At Cabin Master, our camping cabin lodges are 100% bespoke to meet your needs. This means we can design and build a custom Airbnb lodge which meets your budget, available space, and desired facilities, as well as ensuring it is fit for its intended use. We can also customise the style of your cabin, providing bespoke lodges that bring your Airbnb vision to life. Whether you are envisioning something modern and sleek, rustic and cosy, or anything in between, Cabin Master can design the perfect cabin which will WOW your guests. 

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For inspiration on cabin designs, check out our Camping & Glamping Ideas blog.

Additional Custom Cabins for Guest Facilities 

As well as guest cabins, Cabin Master can also provide additional structures to elevate your guest’s experience. For those with a bit of extra space, these buildings are the perfect way to add extra facilities to your Airbnb listing, adding value to your business and taking your guests' experience to the next level. 

Our additional structures for guest facilities could include:

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BBQ cabins

Stand out from other Airbnb listings by offering your guests a BBQ hut, perfect for self-catered accommodation. Our BBQ cabins come in a variety of sizes and are the perfect way to ensure all guests can enjoy a BBQ on their stay, without having to rely on the weather. If you don’t have the space for an additional structure, why not opt for a BBQ camping cabin? These cabin concepts are a staple from Cabin Master and are loved by our clients, such as this luxury lodge with built-in BBQ and our Artic BBQ Cabin.

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Gym Rooms

Whether it be a multi-purpose gym, weight room, or yoga studio,  Adding a gym to your Airbnb listing can enhance its appeal and add a touch of luxury to your guest's stay. Adding this amenity that is usually only found in high-end hotels can differentiate your listing in such a competitive market. The convenience of an on-site gym can attract travellers who still wish to prioritise their fitness routine whilst they are away. Cabin Master’s gym rooms are fully bespoke, meaning we can create the perfect gym room for your Airbnb listing.

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Garden Bars

Offering your guests a private garden bar is a great way to set your Airbnb listing above the rest. A separate cabin for guests to relax and socialise in would be a great addition to transform your Airbnb into something more than just a place to sleep. Whether you’re planning to attract a small party of guests who would benefit from extra space to wind down after a busy day of sightseeing, or you are looking at creating a social atmosphere for multiple parties. A garden bar is a great addition to boost the appeal of your Airbnb listing. Our Garden Bars are fully insulated and made from sturdy materials, meaning they can be enjoyed by guests all year round.

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How to design a great Airbnb Garden Room

Designing an Airbnb short-term rental cabin can seem like an overwhelming task. Taking into consideration your available land, budget, as well as your intended target demographic. You also need to factor in the facilities you want to offer and incorporate these into the design. For example, do you want to factor in room for decking? A kitchen? A second bedroom? Windows and doors should also be carefully considered from both a health and safety and an aesthetic point. Intentionally placing these in convenient places where guests will get the best views and natural sunlight.  

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All of these are aspects you need to consider in regards to designing your new Airbnb cabin. At Cabin Master, our experts help you design your cabin layout, drawing up a 3D design so you can see your vision come to life. We can also help with choosing the interior and exterior style, with multiple wood finishes, paint colours, and optional extras to choose from. 

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Are garden room Airbnbs a good side income?

Garden room Airbnbs can be a great side income. They offer guests a unique, private, and more intimate stay that can’t typically be found in conventional hotels. Garden Room Airbnb’s are much cheaper for the owner than purchasing additional holiday home properties. They also offer the guests more privacy than room rentals. The initial investment in purchasing a garden room cabin is likely to be offset by the nightly rates that these properties can command. A good quality, insulated garden room will offer the same level of comfort and security to guests that traditional accommodation can, but at a fraction of the construction cost to the owner. Airbnb properties are easy to manage, making them a great side-hustle alongside a full-time job. If you have the outdoor space and the money to invest in a high-quality cabin lodge, then a garden room Airbnb is a great option to utilise your space in a profitable way. 

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Unsure if your garden is suitable for a garden room cabin? Cabin Master offers a free site survey. Our experts can do an in-person inspection of your property, ensuring your land is fit for a large structure.

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