Guest Accomodation, BBQ Huts & Much More.... Camping & Glamping Ideas

As more of us begin to enjoy the great outdoors on home soil, Camping and Glamping in the UK is on the increase.

Our Airbnb Camping Cabin-style buildings are all built using our quality timber products and manufactured in our Derbyshire factory. Whether it be sleeping in style in one of our luxury Lodges or embracing all things Scandinavian in a Glamping Cabin, our Cabin Master Camping and Glamping Cabins cater to the perfect staycation!  With the option to install kitchens, bathrooms and stand-alone furniture from your supplier of choice, why not consider this ecological option for your Airbnb?

Benefits The Benefits of Camping & Glamping


Camp All Year Round

Camping is ideally compatible with sunshine and blue skies, this can be unrealistic in the UK. When the nights start drawing in, most of us want to be inside a toasty home and renting a cabin allows you to do exactly that!

Cabins are Cool!

There’s something fun about telling your co-workers you’re heading out to a cabin for the weekend. Even if you don’t own the cabin, you soon become that guy or gal with the outdoorsy mystique around the office.


Be At One With Nature

What's a more authentic nature experience than being nestled in the trees, surrounded by the sounds of the woodland creatures? You can immediately walk out the door in the morning for a hike and even see the stars at night.


Save Time

For the non-frequent campers, struggling to put up the tent you haven't seen since last summer is just enough to push you over the edge. Cabins are painless propositions - simply open the door and drop off your bags!

Giving you a taste of both ends of the spectrum, our Airbnb cabins entice both nature-lovers and travellers alike. You will effortlessly create the perfect, intimate and fun environment for all your customers, family and friends. Spend your holibobs sleeping in a campground environment amongst the trees and nature, with the convenience of a soft, cosy bed!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much land is needed for a Glamping/Camping site?

Around 7-10 acres of land is plenty of room for your prospective glamping and camping site. It is important to note that every site is different from the next, and depends on how many pods you are aiming to have and the type of facilities you're wanting to offer. May of our customers have opted for accomodation lodges as well as a BBQ hut for guests to utilise during their stay,

Is owning Glamping/Camping site a good investment?

Glamping and camping presents an exciting business opportunity due to its very low initial investment.  

That means glamping and camping business owners can recoup their start-up costs and become profitable in just a few months, especially with the added help of websites such as Airbnb.


What are some design ideas for my Glamp/Camp site?

    • Choose Neutrals:

    Combining rough-hewn spaces with the polished and sophisticated, choosing neutral furniture and decor is charming, calming and chic. Organic shapes and fabrics maintain an elevated look that still fits within the rustic shell of a cabin lodge. 

    • Reclaimed Materials:

    If you're looking for a way to make your Airbnb feel a little more authentic or you just want to add some mountain charm; look to reclaimed materials. They lend an authentic, weathered look to any space.

    • Camp Blankets:

    Camp blankets, or thick wool blankets often adorned with Southwestern, Scandinavian or Pioneer-style prints, are the cabin bedding of choice in order to create a cosy space true to the area.

What is the 333 rule for camping?

Keep this simple rule of thumb and make travelling easier for your whole family. Limit your travel to no more than 300 miles in one day. Arrive no later than 3 p.m, and stay at your destination for at least three days.

All Camping Cabins buildings come with our 10 year manufacturers warranty. This is in addition to our suppliers warranties/guarantees.

Roofing Shingles – we only use CE-marked Kerabit High-performance SBS modified roofing shingles which are guaranteed for ten years.

‘TANALISED’ timber ensuring a long and trouble-free service life ranging from 60 years for internal timbers and 30 years for external timbers

Window Guarantee Period

  • Installation / Labour 10 Years
  • Building Work 10 Years
  • PVCU Finish /Colour (Windows and Doors) 10 Years (Std White Deceuninck Finish 20 Years)
  • PVCU Window and Door Frame Fabrication 10 Years
  • PVCU Vacuum Formed Moulded Door Panels (Including flat PVCU panels) 5 Years
  • Glass Units 5 Years
  • Polycarbonate Roof Glazing 18 Months
  • Handles, hinges and Ironmongery 1 Year
  • All sprayed finishes as per the manufacturer’s guarantee/guidelines.

Please be aware that external ironmongery is subject to pitting as it weathers. Industry standard product guidelines and individual manufacturing tolerances apply to all our products.

Every component we use in our Cabin Master camping & glamping cabins is guaranteed for quality and durability. Each building comes with a 10-year workmanship and labour guarantee, plus the guarantees of each individual component or building material included. Below are some typical examples:

  • 10 year guarantee on building materials.
  • 1 year metalwork guarantee (including hinges, handles and ironmongery).

Our FREE design service & expert team of designers are on hand to turn your vision into a reality. Your ideas and sketches are transformed into a 3D drawing which is then perfected until you are 100% happy. The design is then sent to our factory where the bespoke cabin is created.

The final price is determined by the size of your cabin and the features you choose. We provide a comprehensive, transparent quote for each garden room, issued on an individual basis. Your quote will include design consultation, base, construction materials and labour.

Every component we use in our Cabin Master garden rooms is guaranteed for quality and durability. Each building comes with a 10-year workmanship and labour guarantee, plus the guarantees of each individual component or building material included. Below are some typical examples:

  • 10 year guarantee on building materials.
  • 1 year metalwork guarantee (including hinges, handles and ironmongery).
  • 10 year guarantee on UPVc doors.
  • 10 year guarantee on window frames.
  • 5 year guarantee on glass window units.

Glamping Cabin Finance

Why wait to start making the most of your glamping site or holiday let? Cabin Master provides financing options on all of our camping and glamping cabins, including buy now pay later options and interest bearing credit options. Visit our finance page to discover how Cabin Master could transform your space sooner than you think.

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