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Cabin Master provides high-quality BBQ cabins to enhance your garden experience.

We offer bespoke BBQ cabins in a range of styles, sizes, and wood finishes, to be enjoyed in every season thanks to our thermally efficient and quality building standards.

Our expert team works to your specifications, and every BBQ cabin is built to perfectly complement your garden space thanks to our free consultation and site visit services. Contact our team today to discuss how Cabin Master can enhance your garden experience with a professionally crafted BBQ cabin. Each installation also comes with a 10 year guarantee to give you complete peace of mind.

Why wait to enjoy your garden? Cabin Master offers competitive financing options to get your new BBQ cabin installed without the need to save. Visit our financing page to discover your options. You can also visit our show site to view our buildings in person, or download our brochure for more information.


7m² Arctic BBQ Cabin


*Includes installation, base , BBQ unit & Finnish accessories. Installed within 100 mile radius of our HQ

medium sized arctic cabin price

10m² Arctic BBQ Cabin


*Includes installation, base , BBQ unit & Finnish accessories. Installed within 100 mile radius of our HQ

garden bar by arctic cabins how much

10m² Arctic Garden Bar


*Includes installation, base , BBQ unit & Finnish accessories. Installed within 100 mile radius of our HQ

BBQ Huts Cost

Cabin Master’s expertly crafted BBQ cabins & huts are designed to your specifications, making every installation uniquely capable of meeting your exact requirements. 

Whether you plan to entertain friends for a big feast, or enjoy a quiet night in with the family, a BBQ cabin is the ultimate way to enjoy a barbecue all year round! Request a quote today to discover our BBQ cabin costs.

BBQ Cabins

Each and every BBQ cabin is manufactured by hand using traditional methods and high-grade timber in the UK. Create a cosy, intimate, fun environment for friends and family and enjoy all year round. Our cabins not only look great but they are practical too - warm and snug in the winter and they offer welcome shade in the summer. And they aren’t just for barbecuing with specially adaptable benches as standard they are great for creating a teenage den, or a very impressive ‘man cave.’ We also weatherproof the cabins so that it will look beautiful for longer! We offer a no quibble 10 year manufacturers guarantee giving you complete peace of mind.

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BBQ Cabin

Your Year Round Retreat BBQ Cabin

Cabin Master and Arctic Cabins are a family run business who manufacture and install the finest quality BBQ cabins in the UK. We have designed our BBQ cabins in the traditional Finnish style from sustainably sourced, slow-grown Scandinavian Redwood Spruce. This is a tried and tested material that is both visually stunning and durable. Taking full advantage of our unique sloping wall shape, the cabin is far more spacious than you would expect. This cabin is big enough for family get-togethers and is perfect for romantic evenings, just steps from home. The ultimate garden retreat!
Why wait to enjoy your garden? Cabin Master offers competitive financing options to get your new BBQ cabin installed without the need to save. Visit our financing page to discover your options. You can also visit our show site to view our buildings in person, or download our brochure for more information.

Bespoke & Luxury BBQ Cabins

BBQ Cabins

In our medium BBQ Cabin you can seat up to 15 people creating a cosy, intimate, fun environment. Our cabins not only look great but they are practical too; warm and snug in the winter and they offer welcome shade in the summer. They aren’t just for barbecuing either with specially adaptable benches as standard they are great for sleepovers too, creating a teenage den, a unique guest room or a very impressive ‘man cave.’

Manufactured in the UK

We manufacture in the UK because it is the only way we have found to get good quality control over the product that we send out. In the last 20 years we have dealt with companies from all over Europe and we find that working to someone else’s timings (and being let down) means we are letting our customers down and this is not something we are prepared to live with. We started our factories around 20 years ago, we make literally thousands of buildings per year and we would love to show you around if you would like to come to the factories.

We also think that British manufacturing is something to be proud of and intend to continue making quality garden rooms and timber structures for as long as there is a demand.

Planning Permission

In our experience, it isn’t very often that you need planning permission for one of our BBQ Cabins as the majority we fit are within the new “Permitted Development” guidelines. Give us a call for advice or look at the detailed guidance in the FAQ Section below. Similarly, as long as the building measures less than 30m² then building regulations will not apply.

Do BBQ Cabins Add Value To Your Home?


If you're looking for a way to add value to your home and improve your outdoor living space, a BBQ cabin may be the perfect solution. These unique structures not only provide a cosy and comfortable place to cook and entertain, but they also have several benefits that can increase the value of your property.

How Much Value Does A BBQ Cabin Add To Your Home?


One of the most significant benefits of having a BBQ cabin is that it can significantly increase the value of your home. Potential buyers are often willing to pay more for a property with outdoor living space, especially if it includes a unique feature like a BBQ cabin. With a beautiful, well-maintained cabin, you can attract more buyers and potentially sell your home for a higher price. A BBQ cabin is an excellent investment if you're looking to add value to your home. With its versatility, durability, and low maintenance, it's no wonder that these structures are becoming increasingly popular. Whether you're looking to sell your home or simply want to enjoy your outdoor living space, a BBQ cabin is sure to impress.

Exclusive Sloping Wall Design
Double Glazed Opening Windows
44mm Slow Grown Redwood
High Quality Central BBQ Unit (Inside)
Roof Colours
Durable Shingle Roof in 3 Colour Options
Medium sized BBQ cabin from Arctic Cabins

All Arctic Cabins BBQ Cabins come with our ten year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • 10 year manufacturer’s warranty is in addition to our suppliers warranties/guarantees:
  • CE-marked Kerabit High-performance SBS modified Roofing Shingles guaranteed for ten years
  • BBQ Grills and flues are manufactured for us by Polar Metalli – Finland’s leading manufacturer of barbeque grills – and are guaranteed against defects for a period of 12 months.
  • ‘TANALISED’ timber ensuring a long and trouble-free service life ranging from 60 years for internal timbers and 30 years for external timbers


‘TANALISED’ timber is impregnated with a preservative solution under high pressure in an industrial vessel. This treatment process ensures deep penetration into the timber cells, for a longer-lasting protective result against fungal decay and insect attack than the application of a surface coating.

To build our BBQ Cabins we make use of only the best raw materials and building components, and fully qualified local contractors.

  • Timber: FSC or PEFC Approved timber suppliers.
  • Roofing: For sloping roofs we use Kerbit SBS roofing shingles.
  • Doors & Windows: Double glazed, energy efficient uPVC doors and windows for peak energy efficiency.
  • Finishing: FSC approved MDF interior boards with Neatmatch damp resistant coating.


The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is a global organisation with the aim of ensuring the chain of custody of all timber products and that the sourcing forests are properly managed to ensure sustainability. This means that more trees are planted than those that are used. It also ensures fairness for the indigenous populations where these forests are located.

Our BBQ cabins feature a unique sloped wall design, providing your building with optimal inside space, without taking up a large portion of your garden. We offer a free design service to meet the specifications of our customers, ensuring your new installation meets your size and design needs. Contact our expert team today to turn your vision into reality.

Arctic Cabins provide a full delivery and installation service at your convenience and all our cabins are supplied untreated. This gives you complete freedom and choice to paint and stain your new cabin to fit your garden and home. To keep your cabin in tip top condition we recommend you stain or paint your cabin as soon as possible after installation using good quality materials.

For our up to date Arctic Cabins prices please request our pricing guide here: REQUEST PRICING GUIDE The price includes the delivery, fitting, VAT, reindeer skins, BBQ unit and accessory pack so you can get cooking on the day of installation! There are 4 main sizes ~ 7m² BBQ cabin , 10m² BBQ cabin ,  14m² BBQ cabin ,  17m² BBQ cabin and also the Arctic Bars.

Pay Monthly

Why not take advantage of our fantastic finance options and get a fantastic, show stopping BBQ cabin room sooner than you think! With our Buy Now Pay Later option you can defer the outstanding balance for up to 9 months, or with our Interest Bearing Credit option you can spread the cost over 36, 60, or 120 months at a competitive 8.9% APR representative. After applying our finance partner Hitachi will provide you with a decision in minutes. Our ‘pay monthly’ plans are the most affordable way of accessing a brand-new garden room from Cabin Master. All finance applications are subject to status, 20% minimum deposit required, terms and conditions apply   Click here to find out more.


Rick & Gill's Artist's Studio

Case Studies Our Previous Projects

Rick & Gill's Artist's Studio

With some extra space in their garden & a need for somewhere to set up their artists studio & get creative.

Rebecca Reay Photography Studio

In 2018 Rebecca decided to research having her own space designed for her booming photography business. Find out why she chose Cabin Master.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do BBQ Huts Need Planning Permission?

Provided your building is under 30m2, your new BBQ cabin will not require planning permission. Cabin Master buildings are also built on foundations that meet UK building regulations, so you can order your new cabin without the need to seek permission from local governing bodies.

Can You Sleep in a BBQ Hut?

BBQ cabins are specifically designed to be thermally efficient, and provide the necessary ventilation required to utilise your installation for a variety of uses. Cabin Master provides expert build quality for thermal efficiency and ventilation, and each cabin comes with adaptable benches as standard, to allow you to repurpose your cabin for any occasion.


Can I BBQ in a Summer House?

Unless your summer house is built to meet both the thermal and ventilation requirements necessary for cooking indoors, then your summer house is unlikely to be suitable for the purpose of BBQing. You are likely to create a considerable health hazard within your summer house if you choose to BBQ in it, which includes fire safety and smoke inhalation hazards.

What is a BBQ cabin?

A BBQ cabin is a Scandinavian-style timber hut, also referred to as a grill cabin or gillkota and similar to a summerhouse. Our BBQ huts are UK made and you can safely host, relax and entertain family barbecues and outdoor cooking parties all year round, no matter the weather. With their trademarked sloping-walled design, the Arctic Cabins timber BBQ hut, complete with a central BBQ grill and optional drinks bar extensions for all-year-round entertaining, is the perfect escape.

Are BBQ huts worth the investment?

As they can be used all year round, BBQ huts are are the perfect addition to any garden! Many of our owners use their cabin at least 3 times a week, come rain or shine so you'll definitely get your money's worth out of one of these quirky grill huts. They are eye-catching, fun and cosy so make the perfect escape any night of the week and will become the heart and soul of your garden.

How Do I Look After My BBQ Cabin?

So, how do you look after your BBQ Hut once it’s been installed to keep it in tip top condition?

When we install your BBQ Cabin we will give it a coat of Sovereign Wood Treatment, which is trade-only at present, but there are plenty of great options out there that you can use to keep your cabin looking amazing, year after year. We recommend treating your BBQ building at least twice in the first year (including the initial treatment by us), and at least once per year thereafter on its birthday.

You may choose to treat the floor & tray tables with clear yacht varnish to make cleaning easier while keeping the wood protected. We advise against treating the inside of the cabin walls as the wood needs to stay breathable so that moisture can escape through the timber, and avoid condensation and mould issues. If you’re using your cabin grill regularly, moisture inside the cabin shouldn’t be an issue, as the heat inside will keep the wood moisture-free. We advise using the cabin at least weekly during the colder months.

Should you get a build-up of moss on your cabin roof, you will want to remove this. It  can be easily removed using a solution of bleach and water (50/50). The moss will turn brown and fall off naturally.

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