Enjoy Cooking Outside All Year Round BBQ Cabins

All of our Arctic Barbecue Cabins are manufactured by hand and only use traditional methods, professional craftsmanship and top grade timber in the UK. With a vast range of  sizes of cooking cabins available, there is no doubt that you can create a cosy, intimate and exciting environment for all your family and friends. And with their specially adaptable benches, why not spend the night in them? They are perfect for creating a teenage den, a unique guest room or an impressive man cave.

Benefits The Benefits of a BBQ Cabin


Superb Social Space

Our BBQ cabins are a garden building with plenty of character. Lifelong friendships are formed at barbecues and memories are made with delicious food, so invest in a cooking cabin to become the host with the most.

BBQ All Year Round

All season round you can enjoy this personalised addition to your outdoor space; whether you’re grilling marshmallows with the family as you cosy up in the warmth, or partying in the summer with the gin and tonics flowing!


Enjoy Cooking Again

Play the role of barbecue master and party host with plentiful seating away from the central cooking area. Our packages feature removable tray tables and integrated cup holders creating an authentic Nordic dining experience!


Make It Personal

We design, manufacture and install our buildings based around your ideal concept. This allows you to either make your BBQ cabin an outrageous centre-piece or casually match the rest of your home and garden!

All of our specially designed BBQ cabins ooze charm and character. With Arctic Cabins, you can choose from a variety of styles, designs and materials allowing you to grill the year away. With a roof over your head, it doesn't matter how wet it is outside!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need planning permission for a BBQ cabin?

Generally speaking, our BBQ cabins don't usually require planning permission or building regulations approval, provided you do not intend to install sleeping accommodation. Speak to our knowledgeable team if you have any queries regarding how BBQ hut could workin your garden.

Are BBQ cabins worth it?

Most definitely yes! They are total value money and are the perfect space to help you enjoy your garden all year round, providing shelter in the Winter and great in Summer and provide shade and a place to eat. A BBQ log cabin is one of the most unique, spectacular garden buildings you could own. They look seriously impressive- quirky, with the wow factor.


What is a BBQ cabin?

A BBQ hut is a Scandi-inspired solid, timber cabin where you can safely host barbecues in the summer and relax in the winter. Our cabins have an integrated BBQ unit, tray tables and benches providing a comfortable, cosy environment. They are the ultimate in garden entertaining!

How should I decorate my BBQ cabin?

  • Cabin Cinema: Turn family movie night family an event with a big screen in a cabin cinema. By turning your BBQ cabin into a ‘cinema room’, surrounded by intricate design and comfort is a perfect way to relax on a summer’s evening or frosty winter night. Our 17m2 Arctic cabins are large enough to include a ceiling-mounted projector and a bar for drinks and snacks! 


  • Gardener’s Retreat: Getting organised from the off with a separate storage area for all things mother nature with one of our non-BBQ Arctic cabins. Shelves for plant pots and hanging pegs for tools will keep things tidy and in order. 


  • Summer Get-Togethers: Tuck into freshly cooked wood-fired pizzas in an entertaining space at the foot of your garden. Having a cute cabin to retreat to when the weather turns or to cosy up in afterwards lets you enjoy your garden even when it gets a bit chilly!


All Arctic Cabins BBQ Cabins come with our ten year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • 10 year manufacturer’s warranty is in addition to our suppliers warranties/guarantees:
  • CE-marked Kerabit High-performance SBS modified Roofing Shingles guaranteed for ten years
  • BBQ Grills and flues are manufactured for us by Polar Metalli – Finland’s leading manufacturer of barbeque grills – and are guaranteed against defects for a period of 12 months.
  • ‘TANALISED’ timber ensuring a long and trouble-free service life ranging from 60 years for internal timbers and 30 years for external timbers

‘TANALISED’ timber is impregnated with a preservative solution under high pressure in an industrial vessel. This treatment process ensures deep penetration into the timber cells, for a longer-lasting protective result against fungal decay and insect attack than the application of a surface coating.

To build our BBQ Cabins we make use of only the best raw materials and building components, and fully qualified local contractors.

  • Timber: FSC or PEFC Approved timber suppliers.
  • Roofing: For sloping roofs we use Kerbit SBS roofing shingles.
  • Doors & Windows: Double glazed, energy efficient uPVC doors and windows for peak energy efficiency.
  • Finishing: FSC approved MDF interior boards with Neatmatch damp resistant coating.

The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is a global organisation with the aim of ensuring the chain of custody of all timber products and that the sourcing forests are properly managed to ensure sustainability. This means that more trees are planted than those that are used. It also ensures fairness for the indigenous populations where these forests are located.

All of our BBQ cabins have the unique design of a ‘sloping walled’ Arctic Cabin. The BBQ cabin is far more spacious on the inside than you would expect. With different sized cabins available to suit everyone’s needs from family parties, sleep overs and perfect for romantic evenings. Our design team are on hand to turn your vision into a reality.

Arctic Cabins provide a complete, end-to-end delivery and installation service at your convenience and all our cabins left with you fully treated with a wood preserve (although you can chose to have your cabin left 'blonde' (untreated), which gives you complete freedom to paint and stain your new cabin to fit your garden and home. To keep your cabin in tip top condition we recommend you stain or paint your cabin at least annually, to keep your garden building in tip top condition.

For our up to date Arctic Cabins prices please request our pricing guide via the enquiry form, above.  The price includes the delivery, fitting, VAT, reindeer skins, BBQ unit and accessory pack so you can get cooking on the day of installation! There are 4 sizes available, plu 2 Arctic Bars.

  • 7m² BBQ cabin
  • 10m² BBQ cabin
  • 14m² BBQ cabin
  • 17m² BBQ cabin
  • 10m² Arctic Bar
  • 14m² Arctic Bar

BBQ Cabin Finance

Why wait to start making the most of your garden? Cabin Master provides financing options on all of our BBQ cabins, including buy now pay later options and interest bearing credit options. Visit our finance page to discover how Cabin Master could transform your space sooner than you think.

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