How You Can Have Your Own Modern Garden Office Pod

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More and more of us are working from home these days. In fact, according to Small Business UK, half of the UK’s workforce will work from home by 2020. With this fact in mind, attention turns to where exactly you can set up an office and work in peace, especially if you’re starting up your own business which requires even more hard work than working for someone else.

A garden office pod not only ensures you have a space of your own to work peacefully and undisturbed from the rest of your family life it also means you don’t have to worry about clearing out the spare room or trying to obtain a space in your busy living areas to set up your workstation. A separate space in the garden means once the working day is done you can lock the door behind you and leave everything safe in your cabin while you relax in your home with the family.Contact Us

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Garden Office Pods are becoming ever more popular but did you know you could also convert your cabin into a modern home studio too? From a beauty studio with nail stations and a spray tanning booth to an orthopaedic studio with treatment tables. Many of us would relish the idea of starting up our own business but the monthly cost of rent and service charges alone puts us off. With your own home studio those costs are eliminated and the possibility of making it a reality becomes more likely.

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Unlike your spare bedroom, cabins are also very adaptable depending on what you need. You can pick a style with ceiling to floor windows allowing in lots of natural light, should you plan on using your garden room as a photography studio, or opt for a cabin with limited windows so wall space can be used for shelving and storage if you need it. There is always the option of a bespoke cabin too should you have a clear idea of your requirements.

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While the initial cost of a log cabin is high the payoff long term is hugely beneficial; with the right wood treatment and insulation to keep your studio warm during the winter months your cabin can last you years.

A modern garden pod doesn’t have to be restricted to those who need it for professional reasons either; is there a hobby you have long been meaning to take up or perhaps one you were passionate about as a child that fell by the wayside years ago? Maybe now is the time to reignite that passion by investing in the perfect garden building and making it your own. You could turn the space into an art studio where you showcase your unique, amazing paintings or a sewing room kitted out with vintage sewing machines. Or what about a karate or fitness studio? The options are endless!

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