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Working outdoors is beneficial for mental health and productivity

Covid changed the way we all work, and now both remote and hybrid working has become increasingly popular. It’s more important than ever to keep your home and work life separate to help with work-life balance, concentration, productivity and mental health.

Research shows that working in bright, green spaces can improve productivity and decrease stress, promoting better mental and physical health. Choosing where the best place to work within your house is always an important decision, as different surroundings and spaces can affect our mood.

Where do people tend to work from at home?

There are many places and rooms where people choose to work from when working from home, often opting for comfort and space, but many of our favourite working areas can be bad for our physical health:

large garden room with bifold doors

  • Sofa: Although this may be comfortable for a short amount of time, working all day from the sofa can be really bad for the neck and back. It is also very easy to get distracted by other people in the household and the TV when working in the living room.


  • Bed: Similar to working on the sofa, sitting or lying on the bed isn’t great for physical or mental health - you are most likely staying in one position and room all day and due to working in the area we sleep in, we may feel more tired and unproductive.


  • Office: A home office is the best place to work, especially if you have a comfy chair that is good for your posture. Offices are often free from distractions such as TVs, phones, and other household members. It can be unmotivating working in an office room for some people if it is on the smaller side, plain and simple or has little light - decorating this room well can help with this.

interior of a bright bold garden office

  • Dining room table or kitchen: These areas can be good if you have plenty of space and few distractions, but not as good for physical health if you are sitting in a hard chair all day or if you are standing at the kitchen counter for long periods of time.

The benefits of working outside

Working outside has so many benefits, which we have gone into more detail about below, but this is seemingly difficult to do in the UK given the unpredictable weather, many offices being located in city centres or industrial areas, and the lack of outdoor space.

A great way to gain the benefits of working outdoors, without the risk of rain or even having to leave your home, is to create a garden office.

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large garden studio building for business

Garden offices provide an escape from the distractions of home and family life, and prevent procrastination from household chores. You also have the freedom to decorate the space to whatever inspires you the most, helping with productivity and improving your relationship with your job.

Cabin Master researched to find the top reasons why having a garden office can massively help with productivity and concentration when working:

garden office with green leafy plants

Working outdoors helps with well-being and productivity

Research shows that people who are more connected with nature are usually happier in life and more likely to feel like their lives are worthwhile - many positive emotions are generated from being in nature, such as joy, calmness, and creativity.

It can also help with concentration, which is great for productivity. Well-being is always important, but being in a positive mental state can definitely help make work life easier - everyday life can be tiring, and working remotely can sometimes become lonely and demotivating. 

small corner garden room office

A study from Medium revealed that spending time in nature can improve memory, which is an important asset when it comes to reaching full creative potential and coming up with new ideas. Nature will always help with inspiration so it is important to get outside at some point in the working day - having a garden office allows you to have the best of both worlds, especially if you have little time for a lunchtime walk.

Even just being able to look outside and see nature can be massively beneficial - the calming presence of nature surrounding you helps with creativity, brain function and memory. Take advantage of this by installing big windows in your garden office to get a maximum view of the outdoors, a much healthier distraction than your phone or social media.

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Where is the best place to work?

Some people find working in a room on their own helps with productivity, and others find working in a busy office or cafe helps with their concentration - it's completely a personal preference.

If you work from home a lot, then sometimes it is easy to get bored from sitting in one room for the whole day. As appealing as it might be, working from the sofa or bed may not always be the best choice. Working in this way can put a lot of strain on the back and neck as it isn’t the best position to be in for posture. It is also important to not strain your eyes by having the laptop at a good distance from you.

Having a separate office in the home is not only beneficial for your mental health and well-being but also for your physical health. A separate area for working creates a space for you to focus, away from distractions. Be sure to have your set up right to protect your physical health - invest in a comfortable desk chair to improve posture and support your back, or wrist rest to support your wrist when holding a computer mouse in the same position for a long period of time.


interior of a bright garden office

Designing a productive workspace

When it comes to decorating your office, it’s important for the space to be as inspiring and motivating as possible, whilst remaining a calming presence. There are many ways to achieve this, whatever your style:

Colour that promotes productivity 

According to studies, blue is seen as a colour that promotes both productivity and positive well-being. Blue relieves stress and doesn’t disrupt the brain’s focus - it can also stimulate the mind, according to psychologists. This is the reason why many offices incorporate blue into their design or branding.

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Green is also a great colour to have in your workspace - its association with nature and the outside makes it a calming colour. Having plants in an office space brings the same benefits as the outdoors and nature, due to their colour, and they also have a positive effect on air quality. Bringing nature inside can be really beneficial in boosting overall happiness in your workspace and creates the feeling of working outdoors if that’s not an option for you.


composite garden office building

Add value to your home

There are many great perks and benefits to having a garden office, one of which being that they can add value to your home and is usually much cheaper than adding a room onto an existing home.

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Research from Property Road revealed that investing in a garden office to add to your property can increase your home’s value by at least 5%. Other studies say that it can increase value by up to 10% in some cases! Garden offices can:

  • Add extra space to your property
  • Attract buyers who either work from home full time or have a hybrid-working lifestyle
  • Attract those who own their own businesses or side hustle

This value increase, of course, depends on factors such as the quality of the structure, how well it compliments the property and if it is well insulated, but still a worthy investment.

interior of a garden office


All in all, a garden office can provide valuable extra space while working from home and can be versatile and interchangeable for the future - which can enhance your home’s appeal and functionality!

Working outside surrounded by nature brings many benefits such as boosting productivity, as well as helping both mental and physical health. Garden offices are a great solution to achieve these benefits when working from home - investing in a space that has views of the garden or nature and is decorated well will always be beneficial for your relationship with work and your performance.

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