Out With The Old, In With The New Summerhouse!


More households than ever are ditching tradition and welcoming the contemporary summerhouse.

With the opportunity for versatility and personalisation galore, the modern summerhouse is no longer just a summerhouse but the answer to a wide variety of home renovation dreams, made all the more simple with Cabin Master...

Cabin Master garden room summer house with bar

Summer Houses Before...

The traditional summer house was built to provide shelter during the warmer months so that users could relax and enjoy their garden in the shade or avoid the rain.

Summer houses were also built in the public sphere, such as for offering public park visitors shelter from the weather.


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The Modern, Multifunctional Summerhouse


Stylish and designed to offer so much more than shade, the contemporary summer house provides a space to suit a multitude of modern-day needs.

When bespoke, summerhouses can be more diverse and multifunctional than ever. Do you long for a space to pursue your hobbies? Perhaps you want to set up your own business from the comfort and security of your own home. A modern summer house designed and installed by our teams of experts at Cabin Master can make your hopes for your home and garden achievable.

Cabin Master garden room summer house Swim Spa



Get Inspired! Some Of Our Favourite Summer House Uses…



Summerhouse Art Studios 


Are you a creative without the space to let your talents shine? Fed up of taking over the kitchen table or feeling cramped in your spare room? Artists and creative types flourish with the designated space to allow their creativity to flow freely. A summerhouse art studio is the ideal place to explore your passion and master your craft without having to pack away your materials after each and every sitting. Your masterpieces can be left to dry in peace, and you can display all of your own work to your heart’s content. 

Cabin master summer house Artists Studio


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A Summerhouse Wellness Retreat


Modern day life can be stressful. Sometimes, all we need is a place to relax and unwind. The modern summerhouse can serve as the ideal place to practise mindfulness and wellness, somewhere for you to take care of your mental and physical health.

Used as a space for wellness, the modern summer house can provide ample space for yoga or offer a quiet spot for meditation. Find your zen with beautiful views of your garden, take in the fresh air and give yourself the space to think and breathe. 

CM - Cabin master summer house wellness retreat studio with hot tub


Summerhouse Home Offices


Nowadays, workplaces are increasingly offering their employees a work from home or hybrid work approach. Working from home has become a very popular option for those who have the facilities to do so. So why not join the movement?

Having a summer house designed as a garden office allows you to concentrate, work efficiently and comfortably, as well as avoid lengthy daily commutes. What’s more? You can stay motivated and calm with views of your home and garden throughout the day while listening to the sounds of nature, making computer work that bit more bearable.

Thinking about starting your own business? Kickstart your new venture with a summerhouse and give your ideas and ambitions the room that they deserve. 

Cabin master garden rooms garden office


The Ultimate Summerhouse Entertainment Space


Entertainment can look different to different people. A contemporary bespoke summer house can be designed to meet your vision of fun and enjoyment spent between loved ones and friends. You have the freedom to personalise and choose!

A highly-sought modern option is to create a mancave with a pool/snooker table and complete the space with a selection of retro arcade games, football tops and a sleek leather sofa - a summerhouse fit for a king (or queen!)

Another popular choice is a home bar, perfect for hosting get-togethers and gatherings and letting the drinks flow from the comfort of your own home. Your summer house will be the envy of your entire neighbourhood.

Cabin Master garden room summer house garden bar interior

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Summerhouse Guestroom/Teenage Hideout 
Sometimes, our loved ones may need their own space. Perhaps the in-laws have plans to stay round more, or your teenager is craving their own space away from their parents.
A summerhouse provides an additional place at your property detached from your home building. Give guests or family members the privacy they require (or the peace and quiet that you might require!) Creating more space at home just got easier.
Cabin Master entertainment room garden room


Summerhouse Home Fitness Suites


Gone were the days of needing to go to a public gym or go for a run around a cold and wet field. With a summer house used as a garden gym, you can reach your fitness goals without having to leave your property!

Just imagine the time saved from travelling to the gym during rush hour which could be added to your workout or left spare for other hobbies. Work out in privacy whenever you please and create a space which suits your individual fitness requirements.


Cabin Master summer house garden gym

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