Do Garden Rooms Add Value To Your Home?

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One of the strongest arguments in favour of building a house extension is the extra value it adds to your property. However, a house extension is a big undertaking that comes with a hefty price tag and plenty of hassle. Wooden garden buildings are the perfect alternative if you need more space but don’t want to turn your life upside down (and borrow loads of money) to build an extension.

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But will a bespoke garden room add any value to your property? In our experience, yes it does. Admittedly, the extra value will not be as much as a bricks and mortar extension of the same size, but when you come to sell, your garden room will benefit you in the following ways:

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1) Adds To The Total Floor Space of Your Home

Potential buyers are drawn in by the amount of potential usable floor space a property has. This is why open plan conversions have become so popular recently. As walls are removed, so the versatility of the space increases. A garden room creates additional floor space in your property. Whether you installed your garden room as an office, guest bedroom or tool shed, your buyer will be able to use the space for whatever they choose.

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A high quality garden room expands the appeal of your property to include small business owners and self-employed professionals – especially if your garden room is set up as an office. SME owners may be prepared to pay a premium on your property for the convenience of having a garden office already there, as it will save them the time and expense of having one built themselves.

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3) Increases The Appeal of Your Garden

The presence of a garden room makes even the most basic garden look impressive. Your viewers’ eyes will immediately be drawn to the garden room and they’ll begin to think in terms of how they can use and transform the garden. Garden rooms are often seen as bonus features by viewers; a ‘freebie’ that creates additional value and that sets your property apart from other similar houses.

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4) Encourages A Faster Sale

A garden room adds a certain ‘wow factor’ to a property. Not only does it make a positive visual impression, as we have seen, but it also enables your property to stand out to potential buyers before they have even arranged a visit. If there are three similar properties for sale on your street and one of them – yours – has a garden room, the house with a garden room could attract a greater number of viewings. This makes it statistically likelier that you will achieve a faster sale, without having to shift too far from your asking price.

sell your home faster with a garden room

How Much Value?

What sort of figures are we talking about here? A precise sum is difficult to give because of the number of variables involved. Different types of property vary widely in value, with significant regional variations as well. You could expect to pay different sums for two very similar properties just a few streets apart in some parts of the country.

With these words of caution in mind, a high quality garden room could increase the value of a property between 5% and 15%. This is usually more than enough to cover the cost of a quality garden room – plus an attractive return on investment.Book Your Free Design Meeting

Quality is the key here. A poorly built garden room is more likely to deter potential buyer than add value, so if you are buying a garden room make sure you choose a reputable designer.

If you invest in a luxury garden room with an extra bedroom, sizeable living area and/or bathroom, then the increase in value may be studio

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