Garden Rooms For Small Gardens - 5 Practical Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Space

Small garden room within small neat garden

Have a tiny terrace, petite patio or bite-sized backyard and would still love a Garden Room? Then despair no longer. It certainly helps, but you don’t have to own a large garden in order to be the proud owner of one of these fabulous Home Offices, Man Caves or Art Studios.

Because, like small packages, beautiful quality Garden Rooms also come in smaller versions. And with clever planning and a bit of design know-how anything is possible. Here are some ideas to incorporate a Garden Room into a smaller space. See what you think:

Interior of a small garden room office, with bright furniture

Just supplying a smaller version of a standard Garden Room seems to miss the point somehow. A Garden Room for a smaller area should be built with the size, scale and layout of the garden area in mind.

1. Create A Corner Door

Building a door at the corner of a Garden Room, rather than the front, can result in much more space inside. It also gives you the side to add a few potted plants or a colourful trellis to co-ordinate with other plants in the garden and ‘tie in’ the different corners of the garden making the Garden Room feel like a part of the overall garden rather than a chunky addition.

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Small corner garden office

2. Let In Additional Light

If the only space you have for your Garden Room is overshadowed by a dark wall, then glass roof panels will allow more natural light into the space. It’ll make the interior feel far cheerier for a start.

Interior of a cosy garden summerhouse with comfy soft furnishings

3. Size-up Different Shapes

It might also be an idea to have an L-shaped Garden Cabin rather than a standard rectangular shape, while hexagonal shaped and round Garden Rooms can also be designed.

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4. Revel In A Roof Garden

Your new Garden Room will probably be within eye-sight of your bedroom window so why not make the roof a pretty sight to behold when you throw back your curtains every morning? Roof gardens aren’t that unusual these days – and they look spectacular.

Interior of a garden hot tub room with green tropical plants

5. Secure A Pre-Stained Garden Room

It can be very tempting to try to cut back on costs by doing some of the work on the Garden Room yourself, such as staining or painting it. But remember, space is going to be tight because it’s probably right up against a wall or fence. Really, is it worth the hassle? Just relax and enjoy being the owner of a new Garden Room rather than end up annoyed because ‘there’s a bit at the back’ you just can’t reach.

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Small insulated garden house in pretty garden

Special Planning Considerations For Small Garden Rooms

Because your garden is small, chances are your Garden Room will end up very near the boundary. And this is where planning considerations have to be taken into account. Current government legislation states that a Garden Room which is sited within two metres of the boundary of your garden must be no more than 2.5 metres high.

Another stipulation is that no more than half of the garden near the house should have additional buildings in them. What this means is that you may have to remove a greenhouse or hut before your Garden Room is installed.Book Your Free Design Meeting

Small garden office at the bottom of small urban garden

Incidentally if your garden is sited in – over overlooking – an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or any other ‘Listed’ feature, then you’ll need to get in touch with English Heritage via your local authority planning office as you’ll need their permission to go ahead.

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