7 Reasons To Work From Home with a Garden Office

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With more of us than ever not having to go into the office these days, the working from home advantages of having your own space in the form of a timber garden office massively outweigh the negatives – certainly as far as some of our clients here at Cabin Master are concerned. So what are those perks then, we hear you ask.

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1) You are satisfying your eco principles. Not only are you not aggravating asthma and other breathing conditions of local children on their way to school while you rush to work in the car, but the money you’d usually spend on buying and topping up a car can be put towards energy-efficient double glazing instead.

2) You get more work done in your timber garden office. It’s just far too tempting to discuss the latest episodes of TV series' when you get in to work the next day. Thirty minutes later you still haven’t started that new project. It’s worse when you’re freelancing and using a co-working space because there’s no boss there to breathe down your neck. When it’s only you and the cat in the garden office you tend to just get on with things.

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3) You can set your own working time schedule. No longer will you have to turn up at the office for 9am looking like a tired & feeling grumpy from being awake until 4am the night before. For those of us who are night owls (and vice versa) having the flexibility of a timber garden office means working when your body clock feels you should be. The upshot is a more productive working life and a happier you.

4) You save a fortune on clothing. Who cares if you turn up for work at your garden office pod wearing a pair of old joggers and the same t-shirt you wore the day before? Not the cat, that’s for sure. You may be amazed how much money you spend on dressing yourself for the office...

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5) You feel a lot more creative. Looking out onto a colourful garden and seeing beautiful blooms or checking out the birds who have come to take advantage of your generous sprinkling of sunflower seeds and dried worms on the new bird feeder, takes you back to nature. This can be ‘freeing’ and certainly more inspiring than an office wall with a poster urging you to ‘remember to switch out the lights if you’re last’, or to ‘Keep Calm and Do Something Or Other’.

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6) You don’t get involved in office politics. Was there ever anything more draining and distracting than working in an office or co-working space than where certain personalities just didn’t get on and fall-outs would regularly happen? Not only that but there were regular meetings about keeping the kitchen area tidy and where you could go for your monthly night out (bearing in mind half the team were vegetarian and a couple didn’t drink alcohol).

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A Quality Timber Garden Office From Cabin Master

But perhaps you’re already aware of all of the above and just can’t wait to get started working from home. You’re just not sure about what type of garden office would be best for you... Well this is where our comprehensive and free resource the Ultimate Guide to Garden Rooms can help. So the final step (7) is to simply download it from our website by clicking here then take a look through the various options. Ring us if you have any questions or would like the team here to come out and give you one-to-one advice tel: 0115 896 6066.

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