15 Garden Room Ideas to Bring the Outside in

This blog will guide you through practical garden ideas that can easily be incorporated indoors. If you're looking to add some greenery and nature to your garden room, you'll find straightforward tips and suggestions here. Let's dive right in!

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Finding the Perfect Garden Room Structure with Cabin Master

Before you can bring the outside in, you need the perfect space to do it. Cabin Master specialises in crafting bespoke garden rooms, garden offices, and garden bars tailored to your needs, offering you the blank canvas on which to create your indoor oasis.  

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Adding the Outside in with Artificial Plants

For those who love the idea of bringing the outside in but aren't keen on plant maintenance, artificial plants offer an excellent alternative. Modern artificial plants have come a long way in mimicking the texture and appearance of live plants, so you can achieve the same aesthetic without worrying about water, light, or soil conditions.

garden summerhouse with hot tub

  • Artificial Palm Trees

For those who want to bring a tropical vibe into their garden bar, artificial palm trees can be an excellent choice. They range in size from small tabletop versions to taller, more striking pieces. Since they're artificial, you won't need to worry about providing the ample sunlight that real palm trees crave.

  • Artificial Bonsai Trees

Adding an artificial bonsai tree can introduce a sense of tranquillity and an Eastern touch to your garden room. The meticulous design and artistry of artificial bonsai trees often make them almost indistinguishable from the real thing, sans the intricate care requirements.

Large redwood garden garden room summerhouse

  • Artificial Lavender Plants

For a cottagecore vibe, consider incorporating some artificial lavender plants into your space. They offer a pop of colour and can brighten up small areas like desks or window sills, making them perfect for a garden office. Plus, they can add a touch of aromatherapy if scented.

  • Artificial Ivy Vines

If you love the cascading look of ivy but don't want to deal with its invasive nature or need for constant trimming, artificial ivy vines can be an easy solution. Drape them along shelves or walls to add a bohemian or rustic look to your garden room.

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  •  Artificial Topiaries

For those who appreciate symmetry and order, artificial topiaries can add a classic, formal element to your garden room. They come in various shapes and sizes, from intricate spirals to simple spheres, and they can stand alone as statement pieces or complement other plants in your setup.

interior of a summerhouse for extra space


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Natural Materials to Bring the Outside in

  • Stone:

Stone is an excellent material to bring a sense of ruggedness and permanence into your indoor garden room. Whether used in decorative pieces, wall accents, or even tabletops, stone offers a tactile and visual contrast to the softness of plants. It creates a natural, earthy atmosphere reminiscent of rocky outdoor landscapes, helping to ground the space both literally and metaphorically.

Outside a garden room beauty studio with stone sculpture outside

  • Wood:

Wood is versatile and can add a touch of rustic charm or contemporary sophistication depending on how it's used. Furniture pieces like tables, chairs, or wooden plant stands provide a warm, organic feeling. Shelving units or wooden frames can also house your plant collection, complementing the natural theme. Wood's varied textures and tones make it an ideal choice for creating a cosy, inviting environment that echoes the great outdoors.

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When it comes to wood, quality and sourcing matter. Cabin Master understands this and uses a variety of high-quality wood in our garden room designs. We offer customizations to match your aesthetic, making your garden room both functional and uniquely yours.

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  • Bamboo:

Bamboo brings a lighter, more tropical atmosphere to an indoor garden room. This fast-growing, sustainable material can be used in a variety of forms—from furniture and floor mats to decorative screens. Its natural colour and texture offer a contrast to other heavier materials like stone and wood, and it pairs well with exotic plants and vibrant colour schemes. Incorporating bamboo elements can make the room feel airy and open, enhancing its connection to the natural world.

Adding Water Features

  • Tabletop Fountains:

Tabletop fountains are compact water features that you can easily place on tables or shelves. They come in various styles, from sleek modern designs to rustic stone-like formations. Not only do these fountains bring the soothing sound of flowing water into your indoor garden room, but they also act as a natural humidifier, adding moisture to the air which can benefit both you and your plants.

Large woodland themed garden cabin

  • Wall-Mounted Water Features:

Wall-mounted water features serve as an impactful focal point without taking up floor space. These installations can vary in size and materials, often incorporating elements like stone, glass, or metal. Their vertical design allows for a dramatic flow of water, creating a serene environment that mimics the tranquillity of outdoor settings like waterfalls or gentle streams.

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Adding Natural Light

  • Mirrors:

Mirrors can amplify natural light by reflecting it throughout the room, making the space feel brighter and larger. When positioned strategically, opposite or adjacent to a window, they help disperse sunlight more evenly. 

Garden room interior set up for home therapy

  •  Light-Coloured Walls and Furniture:

Choosing light colours for your walls and furniture can further enhance the natural light in your indoor garden room. Light shades reflect more sunlight as compared to darker hues, making the room feel more airy and open. This is particularly useful in smaller spaces where maximising light can make a big difference in the room's ambience.

  •  Skylights and Large Windows:

If you have the option, installing skylights or enlarging existing windows can dramatically improve the natural light in your indoor garden room. Skylights offer a top-down light source, which can make the room feel closer to nature by mimicking the way sunlight filters through tree canopies. Large windows, on the other hand, provide panoramic views and flood the room with light, making it the perfect setting for both plants and people.

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Natural light is a crucial element in any garden room, and Cabin Master excels in maximising this important feature. Through bespoke garden rooms with strategically placed large windows, Cabin Master ensures your indoor oasis benefits from abundant, natural light.

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Outdoor Accessories

  • Lanterns

Lanterns provide a magical touch to your indoor garden room, capturing the cosiness of an outdoor evening setting. Whether you opt for solar, battery-operated, or even candle lanterns, they can bring soft, ambient lighting that highlights your plants and other design elements. Placed on tables, hung from the ceiling, or arranged on shelves, lanterns are not just functional but also decorative, adding an enchanting vibe to your indoor sanctuary.

Garden room with veranda seating area

  • Artificial Grass

An artificial grass rug can add a playful, whimsical element to your indoor garden room. It offers the visual and tactile experience of walking on grass without the need for soil or natural light. Placing one under a seating area or in a play corner for children can make the room feel more like an outdoor space, contributing to the room's overall theme of bringing the outside in.

Turn Your Vision into a Reality with Cabin Master

You've explored various ways to bring the outside into your garden room, from plants and natural materials to water features and lighting. Now, take your vision to the next level with Cabin Master. Specialising in custom-built garden rooms, we focus on meeting your individual needs—be it a sanctuary for relaxation, a gym for fitness, or even a unique space like a BBQ cabin. From initial design sketches to the finishing touches, Cabin Master stands by you through every step of your journey.

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