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As well as the rise in online gaming, tabletop games have also recently seen a huge growth in popularity; old family favourites like Cluedo and Monopoly are losing ground, replaced by more interesting, modern takes on the genre such as Dominion, Settlers of Catan or Carcassonne.

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It's never been so cool to say that you're a gamer - but there's a downside to having a hefty board game collection.

Unfortunately, tabletop gaming is one hobby that needs a lot of space. Once you're down the rabbit hole of games, you'll find your collection just seems to expand. If you get into games that require a more complex set-up, including war games like Warhammer, things get even more serious.

Most of us have busy lives and we may not have time to complete an entire game in one session - but in a family home, leaving your half-finished gaming gear out on the dining room table may not make you popular with your relatives! It's no wonder that so many committed hobbyists see the need to buy a dedicated gaming table. That leads to another question, though: where should it go?

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If there's no space in the house, it's time to think of something new. A gaming room is a perfect solution to this dilemma. This isn't your granddad's potting shed - it's a modern, stylish addition to the garden that will keep all your gaming equipment out from under your family's feet. Set up your gaming table in here and enjoy the sense of calm that results.

There'll be no more squabbling over who gets to use the dining table or arguments about putting your miniatures away!

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A garden gaming room doesn't need to be huge, but it should have enough space for your gaming table, as many chairs as you and your friends will need, and of course some storage units. This is where you can house your gaming collection - not only those hefty boxes of board games, but also your dice, miniatures, paints, wargaming landscape props, and other supplies.

Unlike the dingy old shed of your childhood, a modern garden room can have excellent climate control, so you won't freeze in winter, overheat in summer or, worst of all, watch your precious tabletop gaming collection get damp or musty.

By making use of the garden, you'll not only be able to create the gaming room of your dreams, but also bring harmony to the family.

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