Looking For A Fully Insulated Garden Office Or Garden Room?

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Turn garden space into a creative space, with a garden office from Cabin Master. Working from home offers true flexibility, giving you full control over your working day with minimal interruptions, distractions, or travel requirements. Whether you’re seeking to operate a business from your premises, or looking for ways to balance work responsibilities around your lifestyle, a fully insulated garden room from Cabin Master offers the ideal solution.

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Designed For You

At Cabin Master we listen to your individual requirements and create a design which is then perfected to match your every need. With beautiful finishes for every budget, our designers can create the ideal professional space for you to work, or meet with clients.Request A Brochure

Quality Guaranteed

We only use the highest quality materials and construction methods to create a low maintenance, solid garden office you can enjoy for decades. Each of our materials come with a quality guarantee and is sourced with security and energy efficiency in mind.

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The Perfect Choice For Every Season

Our luxury wooden garden office buildings are expertly designed to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Choosing an insulated garden building will not only keep you working comfortably throughout the seasons, but will also cost less to heat.

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High Thermal Performance

We offer a range of insulation materials for incorporation into your walls, floors and roof during the construction phase, including: 

  • High quality silver-backed foam insulation from Celotex, Kingspan, Extratherm or similar.
  • Energy efficient double glazed uPVC doors and windows.
  • High performance EPDM rubber roofing or Kerbit SBS roofing shingles.
  • Slow grown timber cladding.
  • FSC approved MDF interior boards with Neatmatch damp resistant coating.
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Why pay monthly for a rented office, when the solution could be on your doorstep?

An insulated garden office from Cabin Master adds value to your property and will cost considerably less over the long term than renting office space.

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