Conservatory Or Garden Room? What's Best For A Small Garden?

cabin master garden room for smaller garden

There was a time – not that long ago, actually – when the only way to extend your home (other than via an expensive extension or elaborate loft conversion) was to get a conservatory added on to the back. These conservatories tended to be large domed glass structures with a white Perspex-like outer frame. This meant that they were often incredibly warm during the summer months when the heat of the sun turned the entire room into a ‘fancy greenhouse’ and freezing cold in the winter (since single pane glass isn’t a great insulator).

Request A BrochureThankfully things have moved on – to the extent that it’s now possible to invest in a luxurious bespoke garden room that doesn’t only look an awful lot more stylish, but also comes to a fraction of the cost. Most Garden Rooms range in price from £15,000 up to £50,000 while your average conservatory could set you back anything from £22,000 up to £65,000.

Advantages Of A Garden Room Compared To A Conservatory

cabin master garden room for smaller garden

There are other pluses to choosing a garden room over a conservatory too, such as:

  • A garden room building can be completed in a matter of days (rather than weeks or months in the case of an extension or conservatory)
  • A garden room is covered under permitted development rules, meaning you don’t normally have to seek planning permission
  • There’s no complicated foundation system necessary – so no mess and worrying about underground pipe work
  • Lack of mess means the whole family doesn’t have to decamp for several weeks
  • Our garden rooms are fully insulated so cold British winters won’t pose a problem
  • Excellent insulation means they are very inexpensive to heat
  • A garden room pod can be completely bespoke; meaning the Jones’ will have a bit of difficulty finding the same…

cabin master garden room for smaller garden

A Separate Space Perfect For A Small Garden

Unlike conservatories, which are attached to the home, garden rooms are stand-alone structures normally built at the bottom or side of the garden. Many of our customers enjoy the physical distance of the garden room from the home and being able to utilise what space they have, which brings the following benefits:

  • As an office, a garden room creates a distinct working space away from the main body of the home, leading to a better work/life balance.
  • Garden rooms are superb entertainment spaces, transforming a garden into a perfect venue for barbecues, parties and outdoor entertainment – whatever the weather.
  • Garden rooms can be used as guest bedrooms or breakout spaces, or as distinct relaxation areas when multiple adults share the same home, avoiding the difficulty of people getting under each other’s feet.
  • Garden rooms are far more versatile than a conservatory, adaptable to different uses as your lifestyle needs change.
  • Garden rooms can be used as an additional sitting room, guest room, dining room or even a gym.
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cabin master garden room for smaller garden

How To Get A Garden Room With Cabin Master

If you are considering investing in either a garden goom or conservatory but are unsure what investment would suit your family’s lifestyle best, then do get in touch with us here at Cabin Master. We are a fully qualified and experienced team of carpenters, designers and builders – and can give you all the help you need to come to the best decision.

If you would like more information in the meantime, then do take a look at our free downloadable e-book called The Ultimate Guide to Garden Rooms and which can be found here.Book Your Free Design Meeting

 The guide reveals the type of Garden Rooms available on the market today and how we, ourselves, can also go about designing and creating a bespoke Garden Room especially for your family’s needs.

If you’re in the Nottingham area you should also pop by and see us at our show site near Stapleford. The site features dozens of full size garden rooms of different configurations, price ranges and styles. We’re open 10am to 4pm seven days a week. No appointment necessary!Open Cabin Master Brochure