Raise Your Game With Our Sports and Leisure Centre Buildings

Space is at a premium for sports clubs and leisure centres. With Cabin Master, you can create additional functional space without costly and time-consuming renovations to your existing main build. Provide your members and visitors with the modern, quality facilities they deserve. Read on to find out what types of sports and leisure buildings we can offer, how to generate additional income at your sports club, and the process involved when investing in an additional sports centre building...

Modern Sports and Leisure Buildings

There are many reasons for requiring additional sports buildings or leisure centre buildings. Perhaps your existing facilities no longer meet the requirements of your club or your centre is facing an increasing demand for space. Our team of experts are on hand to raise your game and design and install the quality sports facilities you need to take your sporting ventures or club activities to the next level. 


So… what kinds of sports and leisure buildings can we offer at Cabin Master?

sports buildings and leisure buildings for sports clubs or leisure centres

Conference rooms / meeting rooms

Does your sports club require a space for conferences, meetings or team talks? We can create a modern, functional space where you can get together and focus. Conference rooms are the perfect place for team talks, tactical analysis and reviewing games together. You can set up your conference room however you like, with movable tables and chairs for versatility. You could even put a projector or a large screen on one of the walls and discuss what went well in your match and what to improve on next week. A conference room or meeting room is a space where you can analyse the other teams both before and after games, scout out your opposition and constantly improve your game play!

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As our modern, bespoke conference rooms and meeting rooms for sports and leisure centres are designed to be multifunctional, they’re also perfect for match officials, umpires and tournament directors to get together. If you’re welcoming anybody important to your club or sports centre, you will be able to provide them with a designated space. Give them high-quality, contemporary facilities - a professional space for sporting professionals.


A huge benefit of investing in a modern conference room or meeting room is income generation. You can generate an additional income stream for your sports club or leisure centre by renting out your conference room to organisations within the local community when not in use. There are plenty of reasons why people would seek a local meeting room to hire for an hour or two a week! Not only is this great for generating extra money for your club, it also promotes local community cohesion.  

top down view of a bespoke conference room for business
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Clubhouses and sports pavilions

On the topic of income generation, clubhouses are one of the main sources of income generation for many sports clubs, sports centres and leisure centres. Clubhouses can be used as a socialisation space for both members of the team, their supporters or any visitors before, during or after your sporting activities, matches or events. While this is a space where you can sell refreshments from your bar or kitchenette area or even team-branded memorabilia, it can also be a space to rent out as a function room for parties or other events within your community. Additional income generation is important for sports clubs, so maximise your opportunities with a high-quality, versatile space. When not in use, your club house could be used for dance classes, yoga groups or even birthday parties, all contributing to a healthy additional income stream.


Nottingham Hockey Club sports building


Having contemporary clubhouse or pavilion facilities will not only help to attract new visitors or members to your club or team but will also help to retain existing ones. Create an attractive central social hub that people want to use - one your team or centre can actually take pride in. Whether you have outdated facilities or an increasing need for more space, we can design and install a modern clubhouse or pavilion for your sports club. Why not go one step further with integrated outdoor space? With a clubhouse designed and installed by the Cabin Master team, you can create an integrated indoor/outdoor area with our option of bi-fold doors. Open out your clubhouse doors and lead them to a seating or decking area outside to further expand this space for your visitors to enjoy. This is a particularly good idea for summer functions, summer events or summer match days. Give your visitors a spot where they can enjoy drinks in the sunshine! 

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We can also design our buildings with a veranda. Having a veranda is great for providing visitors watching your matches or games with quality shelter from the Great British weather. Whether it’s raining or the sun is glaring, your visitors can sit or stand underneath the veranda/canopy and enjoy the match. If we install your sports pavilion in close proximity to your pitch, your visitors will have a great sheltered viewing spot. 

recreational buildings bespoke made

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Extra Gyms

If spacing is an issue at your sports centre or leisure centre, we can create more space for an additional gym or fitness suite. You can increase your capacity to allow for more people to train as well as keeping your current members satisfied with modern, high-quality gym facilities where they can focus and thrive. As all of our sports buildings are bespoke, we can design an onsite gym to the specific size requirements that your club or centre needs. Whether your sports club needs a gym for cardio, training weights or both, we can design a space tailored to the specifications of your sport's training process and your users. 

We can install air conditioning units in our bespoke gym buildings, providing your athletes or enthusiasts with the perfect temperature to work out in. What's more? We offer a ‘higher than average’ ceiling height for sports clubs or leisure centres planning to incorporate gym equipment that requires extra clearance, such as weight racks, climbers and bikes.


top down view of a gym facilities building


Extra Changing Rooms

Much like with gyms or fitness suites, it's important to go bespoke when introducing an additional build due to the individual requirements of different sports. We can design changing rooms for your sports club or leisure centre to suit both the sizing requirements of your team size and for fitting the sports equipment that your sport uses. 

Gone were the days of changing in the pavilion! Provide your members with a modern, designated space. If you plan to expand and take on more players, groups or teams at your facility, you will need additional changing rooms for them. With Cabin Master, you can make that possible.


top down view of a changing rooms building

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What's the process?

Introducing extra facilities at your sports club, sports centre or leisure centre is simple with Cabin Master. Get in touch and we can discuss your ideas. With our FREE DESIGN SERVICE, our team of dedicated designers will take your project idea and bring it to life with a 3D drawing so you can visualise your new sports space. With our sports and leisure buildings being bespoke, we will work in small increments to make your sports facility building the right size for your available space and your intended use. What's more? We also offer a choice of cladding options, floor colours, paint colours and an extensive range of optional extras to choose from too! Whether you require air source climate control, internal partition walls or an integrated storage section, we will work together to design a sports pavilion, clubhouse, conference room or fitness suite that's ideal for your club or centre. 

Book your FREE SITE SURVEY and a member of our team will assess your site/grounds to make sure everything will work as planned and finalise the project details. From consultation to design, to manufacturing and installing your building, our team will provide a turnkey project with expertise at every step of the way.


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