Extra Space To Work From Home Garden Offices

Garden offices are the perfect space and cost saving solution, for any business or sole trader. Having an insulated space in your garden to use as an office, means that you can save on rent and high overhead costs, plus you can work from your home easily. 

Cabin Master’s garden office offers the perfect alternative to commuting into work, with a luxury working office in your own space, you can focus on a happier and healthier lifestyle. Your work-life balance will be restored as you can cook homemade meals and avoid those stressful commutes.

With Cabin Master’s premium design choices, you can choose any type of design, size and shape for your garden office shed. Making it bespoke to you and your business. You can decorate the inside of your garden office however you wish, with neutrals for a calming space, or go green and match your outdoor space.


You can view examples of our garden offices for sale below.

garden office for large urban garden

5m x 3m

~ 15m² ~


16.4ft x 9.8ft


Various Layouts

From £23,400

large office and shed for the garden

8m x 3m

~ 24m² ~


26.2ft x 9.8ft


Various Layouts

From £31,000

insulated garden cabin for home office

4m x 3m

~ 12m² ~


13.1ft x 9.8ft


Various Layouts

From £20,750

Garden Office Cost

If you need extra space to work from home from, Cabin Master will design and install an outdoor office to suit your needs perfectly. Each of our garden rooms are made from scratch, taking into consideration each client’s unique requirements.


Whether you’re an IT specialist, professional photographer, or accountant, Cabin Master works directly with our customers to design and create a Garden Office that perfectly suits your needs. How much does a Garden Office cost? Our prices will depend on your requirements, but once you have requested a quote our fees are calculated to include everything from designing, building, and installing your ultimate garden office.

We work directly with our customers to turn their ideas into reality. Explore our Garden Offices below, or get in touch with our expert team today to begin your journey.

Insulated Garden Offices

If you need a dedicated space to work from home, a garden office is the perfect solution. Cabin Master will design and build your new garden office and outdoor office shed to suit your needs perfectly. Each of our garden offices are made from scratch, taking into consideration each client's unique requirements. Some of the benefits of Cabin Master are you can create a quality space in your garden much cheaper than extending your home, our garden offices are unlikely to need planning permission, it will certainly add value to your home. We'll even provide finance options through Novuna, to help with budgeting.

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Explore The Benefits Of Our Bespoke Garden Offices

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Multifunctional Garden Offices

Our garden offices are a fantastic way to create your own perfect workspace at the bottom of your garden. Maximise your property investment by making your garden office into a garden office with shed, or explore other garden office ideas such as a green room or a hobby area. Previous customers have found adding in optional extras to their garden office, such as internal partitions and doors (all provided by Cabin Master throughout the design process), has made life a little bit easier by decluttering other areas in their house.

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Cosy & Energy-Efficient Office Sheds

Many of us are looking at ways we can stay comfortable and save money while still taking care of the planet. So if you're in the market for a garden office and you're wondering whether they really are energy efficient, the answer is a resounding YES! Garden offices offer an effective way to help reduce energy bills while enjoying all the benefits of indoor/outdoor living. These self-contained rooms provide protection from the elements, and plenty of natural light which, combined with clever design choices, can make garden offices incredibly energy efficient.


Work-Life Balance

Finding a good work-life balance is a struggle for most of us. The 9-5 grind can be tough on our mental and physical wellbeing, leaving us feeling stressed, anxious and exhausted. A micro garden office is a perfect way to help ease the daily stresses. You can have a dedicated workspace for you to focus on your projects without distractions, whether you’re a hybrid worker or work solely from home. With a garden office, you'll have more hours in the day to spend with your family and loved ones. You'll also have more time for yourself to keep things in order, stay healthy, and indulge in your own interests.

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Build Quality

We only use FSC produced Western Red Cedar or slow grown PEFC/FSC Scandinavian Redwood exterior cladding over BBA certified breathable membrane to ensure all our buildings meet our strict quality control standards. The walls are constructed from structural (C16) timber and are fully insulated with KingspanTM thermal insulation boards (or similar). Here at Cabin Master we design, deliver & install bespoke garden room solutions throughout the UK, offering the full end-to-end service, including base/foundations, electrics, flooring and painting, bringing you that much needed extra space you can use all year round.

Garden Home Office

Your Garden Room Office, Your Way

If you need extra space to work from home from, Cabin Master will design and install an outdoor office to suit your needs perfectly. Each of our garden rooms are made from scratch, taking into consideration each client’s unique requirements. Some of the benefits of Cabin Master are that you can create a luxury space in your garden for a fraction of the price of an house extension, also our garden offices are unlikely to need planning permission, it will certainly add value to your home… and we’ll even provide finance options through Novuna. All of our garden offices are manufactured in our own UK factories.

Garden Office Sheds


Take advantage of your existing free space with a garden office shed from Cabin Master. An insulated garden office shed will provide you with the ultimate space to work from home in an environment that benefits from natural lighting all-day!

Cabin Master office sheds can be installed with electrics as standard - meaning you can order from us knowing that your building will be work-ready as soon as installation is finished.

Do Garden Offices Add Value To Your Home?


Most of us think that extending our home is one of the best ways to add value to our property; although we neglect to realise just what a big undertaking comes with this decision - not to mention the rather hefty price tag. Utilising your outdoor space with a timber garden office is an excellent alternative for those that need the space but not the credit card bill! 

How Much Value Does A Garden Office Add To Your Home?

The value of property varies widely, especially with the large fluctuation depending on where you are in the UK. There's a chance you could even end up spending 2 different prices for similar properties just a few streets apart from another in some areas in the country. Bearing this in mind, a luxury garden office could upturn the value of a property between 5% and 15%. Generally, this amount is sufficient enough to cover the cost of a bespoke garden office - plus an pleasant return on investment. Quality is the key here. A well-built and well-maintained garden office is a valuable asset to your home and can make it more appealing to potential buyers. An inadequately built garden office is more likely to put off potential buyers than add value, so if you are investing in a garden office ensure you choose a reputable designer.

Fully Insulated Offices In The Garden

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Creating The Perfect Space For Your Garden Office

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Ideas To Make Your Garden Office Unique

A garden office is ideal for anyone who WFH. You’re away from the house as well as being surrounded by nature, so even though you're working, it does mean that you aren’t working in you home. It comes as no surprise that the garden office was found to be one of the most valued garden features for homebuyers in 2022. Our garden office ideas offer the advantage of providing a quiet space away from the main home, that you can make as personal and unique as you wish. 

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Garden Office Décor Ideas

Whether you like clean neutrals, bold colour pops or dark and moody interiors, our huge choice of paint colours included as standard in your garden office price means there's a way to make your garden office decor as chic as your home. Paint an on-trend feature wall and hang decorative accessories to dress the space as if it was inside your home. The sense of familiarity and the common thread between your garden ideas and your interiors will prove comforting.

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A Space For Motivation & Serenity

A garden office needs to be an environment that is both calm and motivational, so the colour you choose to paint the walls needs to be a careful consideration. Green is the colour that is associated most with the greenery from nature, so it can be quite motivational. At the same time, because being at one with nature soothes the soul, it's the ideal colour for creating a serene space in which to work. 

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Practicality Is Key

Wherever you decide to set up your garden office, glare on a computer screen is inevitable. There are a number of ways to minimise the brightness to save yourself squinting at your screen – the most obvious for a summer house idea is to hang a lightweight curtain, to pull across when needed. Another one of the key things you need to consider when setting up a working spot outside is a location that is close enough to the Wi-Fi, or you may wish to extend the connection to be within your garden office. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need planning permission for a garden office?

Most garden offices do not need planning permission as they fall into the 'outbuildings' catagory. There are certain rules you will need to comply with which include the overall size and height of your building. The majority of homes have permitted developement rights for their land but it is worthwhile checking for your home and area.

Within permitted development the key rules are as follows:

  • Garden office must be single story
  • The building cannot exceed more than 50% of your garden. When calculating the 50% overall you must take into consideration all outbuildings including sheds, and extensions to the original home.
  • It should not be sited on land forward of a wall forming the 'principal elevation' (that means not in front of the house).
  • If the garden office is within 2m of the property boundary the whole building should not be higher than 2.5m

What size garden office do I need without planning permission?

The general rules on garden office sizes are as follows:

  • Up to 15m² floor space internally should not normally be required to comply with Building Regulations
  • 15m² - 30m² floor space internally should not normally be required to comply with Building Regulations unless it is situated less than 1m away from your property boundary
  • 30m²+ floor space internally should require Building Regulations approval. This is something Cabin Master can provide guidance and assistance on.
  • The rules in your particular area can be found on your local planning portal website
  • Click here to find out more

What is the cheapest way to build a garden office?

It depends on the quality you are looking for. Summerhouses and flat pack garden offices can be quite cheap but these are often little more than glorified sheds. Instead, we specialise in buildings that you can use all year round, fully insulated, double glazed and that will last for years to come. When weighing the purchase price of a cabin against the lifespan of the cabin most people find that our buildings are incredible value for money.


Are garden offices worth it?

Garden offices are the perfect way to add space to your home without the expense, disruption and protracted installation time of loft conversions and traditional extensions.

Most people find that the separation from the house is also a benefit for work purposes, as well as being away from the noise and disruption that most busy families experience. So if you are looking for a Garden Office to work from home then a luxury garden building is the answer!

Do you need planning permission for a toilet in a garden office?

Buildings Regs can be applied to allow for you to add water and waste to your new garden office and also use the space as a 'office structure'. Contact our team to find out more.


Can I build a garden office next to my neighbours fence?

This depends on the size of the garden office, but in many cases this can be done.


How close can a garden office be to a boundary?

Most small to medium sized garden offices can be situated less than 1m from the boundary with any neighbours under Permitted Development rules when the overall height (of the eaves??) does not exceed 2.5m


Does adding a garden office add value to your house?

Garden offices are one of the most sought after features that home buyers are looking for.

The addition of a garden office creates an attractive feature that allows you to achieve a higher asking price when you come to sell your home. Most estate agents agree that a garden office adds to the value of the property. See the latest stats on Rightmove.

UK Garden Office Areas We Cover

Come and visit our show sites in Nottingham and Warwickshire to discover the types of garden offices we can create for you!

Visit Our Nottingham Show Site

We have a huge range of buildings at our Nottingham Show Site including garden offices, gyms and bars. Visit us and we can help with designs, pricing and more. 

Open 10am-4pm 7 Days a Week


Cabin Master,
251 Toton Lane,
NG9 7JA,

Visit Our Warwickshire Show Site

We have a huge range of buildings at our new Studley, Warwickshire show site including garden offices, gyms and bars. Visit us and we can help with designs, pricing and more. 

Open 10am-4pm 7 Days a Week


Studley Garden Centre,
Henley Road,
B80 7DR,

We can customise the design with optional features like a front recess or roof overhang
Cladding Options
Superior quality cladding - Cedar, Redwood, or maintenance free Marley Board
Windows & Doors
High quality double glazed UPVC doors and windows in a variety of styles
Optional external lighting
High quality click lock flooring in a choice of colours
Hardboard Lining
Our internal hardboard lining is much stronger and more durable than plasterboard
Redwood timber garden studio office with sliding doors

Garden Office Information

Bespoke Garden Offices

At Cabin Master, we understand that everyone's needs are unique. That's why we offer bespoke garden offices, tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need a compact space for focused work or a larger area for creative projects, our team can design a garden office that fits perfectly into your garden's layout and your work style. With our custom design options, your garden office becomes more than just a workspace; it becomes a reflection of your personality and professional needs.


Luxury Garden Offices

Experience the pinnacle of garden office design with Cabin Master's luxury garden offices. Crafted for those who seek more than just functionality, our luxury range includes high-end finishes, advanced insulation for year-round comfort, and designer interiors that inspire productivity and creativity. From elegant wooden claddings to state-of-the-art fixtures, every aspect of our luxury garden offices is designed to elevate your work-from-home experience.


Work from Home in a Garden Office

Transitioning to working from home can be a significant change, but with a Cabin Master garden office, it's a seamless and enjoyable process. Our garden offices provide a dedicated, professional environment right in your backyard, away from the distractions of home life. This separation ensures a healthy work-life balance, allowing you to be productive during work hours and fully present at home when the workday ends.


Garden Office with Canopy

Extend the functionality of your garden office with an integrated canopy. This feature offers additional outdoor space, perfect for breaks or informal meetings, and provides shelter from the elements. The canopy can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden office, making it a standout feature in your garden. Whether you're looking for a space to relax during breaks or an impressive backdrop for video calls, our garden office with a canopy option combines utility with style.


Customisable Garden Offices

Cabin Master's garden offices are not just about providing a workspace; they're about creating an area that is uniquely yours. Our customizable garden offices are designed to cater to your individual style and functional needs. Choose from a variety of layouts, materials, and finishes to create a space that resonates with your work ethic and personal taste. Whether you prefer a minimalist design or a fully-equipped workspace, our team is dedicated to making your vision a reality.


Create Your Own Garden Offices

Have you ever dreamed of designing your own garden office? At Cabin Master, we turn that dream into reality. Our 'Create Your Own Garden Office' service allows you to be the architect of your workspace. With our guidance and your imagination, together we can craft a space that not only meets your practical needs but also inspires and motivates you every day. From selecting the right size to choosing the perfect interior décor, every detail is under your control.


Garden Office Showroom

To truly appreciate the quality and variety of our garden offices, we invite you to visit our Garden Office Showroom. Located in , the showroom gives you the opportunity to walk through different garden office setups, experience the build quality first-hand, and gather ideas for your own space. Our expert team will be on hand to answer any questions and provide personalised advice based on your specific requirements. Visiting the showroom is an excellent first step in your journey to creating the ideal garden office.


Do I Need Planning Permission for a Garden Office?

Whether you need planning permission for a garden office depends on several factors, including the size and location of the structure. In many cases, garden offices are considered to be 'permitted development' and do not require planning permission, provided they meet certain conditions. These conditions often include limits on the overall size, height, and proximity to property boundaries. However, if your garden office is intended for regular residential use, like a bedroom, or if your property is listed or located in a conservation area, you might need planning permission. It's always best to check with your local planning authority for specific regulations in your area


How Long Does it Take to Build a Garden Office?

The time it takes to build a garden office can vary widely based on the complexity of the design, size of the structure, and preparation required for the site. Generally, a simple garden office can take a few weeks to construct, while more complex designs or those requiring significant groundwork and customization could take several months. Factors such as weather conditions, material availability, and contractor schedules also play a role in determining the timeline. Prefabricated units can often be installed more quickly, while custom-built offices usually require more time.


Toilet and Kitchen in a Garden Office

A common upgrade for those looking for the ultimate convenience in their garden office is the inclusion of a toilet and kitchenette. At Cabin Master, we understand that your garden office is more than just a workspace; it's a place where you spend a significant portion of your day. That's why we offer the option to include a small kitchenette and a toilet in our garden office designs. These additions not only add comfort but also increase the functionality of your office, making it a self-contained unit that caters to all your basic needs throughout the workday.


Insulated Garden Offices

Our garden offices are not just aesthetically pleasing; they are also built to be used all year round, regardless of the weather. Insulation is a key feature in our garden offices, ensuring that they are warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Using high-quality materials like Kingspan™ thermal insulation boards, our garden offices provide a comfortable working environment that's energy-efficient. This superior insulation also means reduced heating costs in the colder months, making our garden offices a smart choice for environmentally-conscious and cost-effective working.

A Business Case

The cost of our garden offices depends upon size, style and finish. Below are some of the pros and cons of having an office in your garden as opposed to an office in your house (bedroom) or local town.

  • Cheaper than renting an office.
  • No more rent after year 2.
  • Be more professional with your clients.
  • Keep work and family life separate.
  • Add value to your home.
  • Offers tax advantages.

Build Quality

We only use FSC produced slow grown PEFC/FSC Scandinavian Redwood timber cladding or Marley Board exterior cladding for our Work From Home Range. This is added over BBA certified breathable membrane to ensure all our buildings meet our strict quality control standards. The walls are constructed from structural (C16) timber and are fully insulated with KingspanTM thermal insulation boards (or similar).

The interior walls are lined with FSC NeatmatchTM Moisture Resistant MDF interior wall board ready for decoration and our roof system is finished with Firestone EPDM single piece rubber membrane roof covering complete with purpose made verges and gutter trims finished in black. Black uPVC guttering and downpipes are provided as required.

Advising you at every step

On our initial phone call we will establish the size and style of garden office that you are looking for. A CAD drawing can then be created. The next step is to come & survey your site & give you an idea of what you will need to stand the garden office on. Our team can advise you on different types of foundations and bases and give an idea of the sort of costs involved.
Some people want to provide their own base and some want us to provide the base for them. In most cases our Garden Rooms come within permitted development and will not require permission. However, if you do require planning we have an Architect who can give you information regarding planning permission as well as deal with your local council if you want him to.

Every component we use in our Cabin Master garden offices is guaranteed for quality and durability. Each building comes with a 10-year workmanship and labour guarantee, plus the guarantees of each individual component or building material included. Below are some typical examples:

  • 10 year guarantee on building materials.
  • 1 year metalwork guarantee (including hinges, handles and ironmongery).
  • 10 year guarantee on UPVc doors.
  • 10 year guarantee on window frames.
  • 4 year guarantee on glass window units

To build our garden offices we make use of only the best raw materials and building components, and fully qualified local contractors.

  • Timber: Forest Stewardship Council Approved timber suppliers.
  • Roofing: For flat roofs we use high performance EPDM rubber roofing. For sloping roofs we use Kerbit SBS roofing shingles.
  • Doors & Windows: Double glazed, energy efficient uPVC doors and windows for peak energy efficiency.
  • Insulation: High quality silver-backed foam insulation from Celotex, Kingspan, Extratherm or similar.
  • Finishing: FSC approved MDF interior boards with Neatmatch damp resistant coating.

Our design team are on hand to turn your new garden office vision into a reality. Your ideas and sketches are transformed into a CAD drawing which is then perfected until you are 100% happy. The design is then sent to our factory where your new garden office is manufactured.


When you order your new garden office, we will arrange a convenient delivery and installation schedule, with an affordable quote tailored to your needs. The cost of delivery and fitting depends on the size of your office, where you live, transportation distance and how many people you need to set up your garden office.


The final price is determined by the size of your garden office and the features you choose. We provide a comprehensive, transparent quote for each garden office, issued on an individual basis. Your quote will include design consultation, base, construction materials and labour.

Pay Monthly

Why not take advantage of our fantastic finance options and get your dream garden office sooner than you think. With our Buy Now Pay Later option you can defer the outstanding balance for up to 12 months, or with our Interest Bearing Credit option you can spread the cost over 36, 60, or 120 months at a competitive 14.9% APR representative. After applying our finance partner Novuna will provide you with a decision in minutes. Our ‘pay monthly’ plans are the most affordable way of accessing a brand-new garden office from Cabin Master. All finance applications are subject to status, 20% minimum deposit required, terms and conditions apply Click here to find out more.

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