Creating The Perfect Garden Playroom For Your Kids...

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It shouldn’t take many parents long to come up with a list of benefits for having a garden playroom in the back garden! The first is distance between yourself and the kids, the second excellent sound proofing (to muffle out all those squeals and shouts) and the third is safety. Or maybe those priorities should be the other way around?

Whatever. The main thing is, having a dedicated playroom in the garden that the children can go to can be an immense help for both parents and little ones when tempers begin to get fraught on both sides.

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Other Benefits Of Having A Garden Playroom

  • Instead of having the kids toys scattered all over the back garden or your lounge, you could tidy them away in their outdoor garden playroom instead. Not only does this help physically in the sense you don’t spend half your day tidying up after the kids, but having an uncluttered living space also makes you feel more calm and organised – emotions not many parents of young ones can lay claim to.Request A Brochure
  • If you’re a registered childminder and work from home then having a garden playroom can be a great way to divide your home and work environment. Obviously you’ll still pop in to the house to make snacks and get drinks for the kids, but it’ll only be now and again as opposed to looking at the same four walls all day and night.
  • Having the kids mess around in their garden playroom with paint, glue, glitter and other substances which can prove impossible to remove from carpets and furnishings means it saves your home from being wrecked.
  • If your kids are older then install a TV in the playroom and let them watch TV on their own (if you have glass bi-fold doors in the playroom then you’ll be able to keep an eye on them from the main house). No adult needs to watch Paddington 20 times, after all.

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Things To Bear In Mind When Designing A Garden Playroom

Shelf height. Special consideration should to be given to the height of shelves in your garden playroom, keeping them low down at eye level to the little ones to enable them to access the items them want. This includes books (a horizontal shelf rather than a vertical bookcase is best), DVDs, toys and even a toilet and sink so that dirty hands can be cleaned by the time they return house-wards again.Book Your Free Design Meeting

Comfort. Kids love to sit on the floor and play so a comfortable, thick carpet is a must. Alternatively, if the kids are very young, then carpet tiles with a rug might be better since both can be moved and substituted if there’s a lot of unsightly spills or crushed crayon marks etc. Underfloor heating would be great for the little ones in winter.

Safety. As well as advising you on child safety locks for glass walls and bi-folding doors etc, you could also install video monitoring equipment so that you can see what the kids are up to in their garden playroom while you’re making dinner or enjoying some ‘me time’ relaxing on the sofa.

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At Cabin Master we don’t just supply the actual garden playroom building itself, but we also install the electrics, heating, air conditioning, plumbing etc for you.

If you’re already feeling inspired then you may well be in the mood to take a look through our downloadable free e-book The Ultimate Guide to Garden Rooms. There you’ll find images of the various types of garden rooms available along with existing delighted garden room owners. For further testimonials see our website Cabin Master Brochure