Start Your Fitness Journey With An Garden Office Gym!

garden office gym

Think back to last January. Was one of your New Year resolutions to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine? According to Forbes, only 20% of people actually stick to those resolutions. So how can you change that this year...

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The rest of us just get bogged down in work, family and social commitments and, by the beginning of February, all those good intentions have gone out of the back door with the Christmas tree.

Indeed, even squeezing in our recommended 10,000 steps a day amongst what feels like 10,000 emails, phone calls and business lunches can be a challenge. For most of us, by the time our evenings roll around, we are usually too mentally and physically exhausted to even contemplate driving down to the gym (and, depending on where you live, that could be a chore in itself!)

It’s time we get realistic about our exercise routines and look for practical solutions. No more excuses!

One emerging trend, increasingly popular amongst young professionals, is the building of garden rooms or the conversion of existing structures into office gyms. Especially useful for those of us who work from home but great for anybody, having the flexibility to exercise at convenient moments amongst the demands of the day.Request A Brochure


garden office gym

Existing office spaces within garden rooms can be fitted with both cardio and strength training equipment that complement décor tastefully. On hold? Get that Bluetooth headset on and get some steps in on the treadmill. Feeling stiff from too much sitting? Dig out the yoga mat and get those Child Poses and Downward Dogs done. Need to think more clearly? A quick sprint on the rowing machine will lift the fog and declutter the mind.

Not only will your body thank you but so will your brain. Imagine getting to 6pm knowing not only that your daily exercise has already been completed but that you have had a full, efficient workday, too!Contact Us

garden office gym

And the NHS agrees. The information available on their website tells us that physical activity causes chemical changes in the brain, bringing about a higher sense of self-control and giving us more confidence and ability to take on challenges. So not only are you benefiting yourself, but the likelihood is that you are increasing your productivity and maybe even your own career prospects, too.

Ready to get realistic about your exercise routine? Call or contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.

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