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“it’s been hassle free”

Caroline & Steve had already extended their home and needed space as Caroline’s business was getting bigger, she needed admin support but didn’t want the business spilling over into the house. After renovating the garage to use as a treatment room, it began to fill up with paperwork and patient reports which made working in there extremely difficult. A friend recommended they go to the Grand Designs show at the NEC after they had mentioned liking the idea of an office in the garden and this is where they met our team.
They had looked at other companies and had prices and ideas but chose Cabin Master to create their building.

Their experience with Cabin Master from start to finish:

Caroline said “It’s great, it’s been hassle free. From when Paul, from Cabin Master, came out to do a site survey and the quotes were done really quick. They sorted out personal finance which was interest free and a good selling point for us. Stuart from Head Office got in touch and booked a date to suit us which was great”
“We had a CAD (computer aided design) drawing done by Mark and it was really good being able to visualize it. We didn’t make any changes as we liked it but you have that option there if needed.”

The Fitting

“The team when they were here were just brilliant. They could see I was working from home and didn’t interrupt me at all they just got on with it. 3 days and it was done so I have no complaints there whatsoever. They were really good from start to finish and turned up when they said they would and got it all done very quickly. They all worked very seamlessly together”

Will it always be used for an office?

“If I expand the business further and look for other premises then it would become a children’s room for their computer and also for us to sit out there in the summer and chill out in there”
“It’s nice having that office place separate from the clinic now, I can see more clearly and I was a bit overwhelmed…now I can concentrate on my job. My husband is a teacher and he uses the office on an evening to do all his planning because it was becoming very busy in the clinic room when we were both in there working… it’s made a big difference in a short time”

What would be your advice to others thinking about buying a garden building or a Cabin Master cabin?

“You soon fill up the space so go bigger if you can. I would highly recommend Cabin Master as they have done a great job.”

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