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A Cabin Master Hobby and Craft Studio can be the exact garden building needed to transform your home, business and life. Whether it be to avoid the ever-increasing rent for premises or simply a safe space to let your creativity flourish - Cabin Master’s bespoke and personalised Hobby and Craft Garden Buildings will give you what you need. Craft and ‘artisanal’ goods are popular in the UK and abroad, but competition in the market is high. Identifying a unique selling point is your best bet to stand out on the market; and what better way to do that than showing off the incredible premises you have to create your products in - your own garden room! Save time and money by cutting your commute and avoid the distractions and noise of your workplace by investing in a luxury Hobby and Craft Room.

Many studies have proven that crafting, no matter what that may entail, can improve self-confidence and reduce stress overall. Most importantly, crafting has also shown to improve mental agility and also decrease cognitive decline such as Alzheimer's or Dementia.   A natural antidepressant, crafting creates a situation very similar to that of meditation. When engaged in a craft, especially when it is a hustle or form of income, you are focusing on the here and now and are able to forget the stressors of day to day life and be part of something completely separate! Our previous customers have used their Craft Rooms to create online Etsy shops that sell personalised frames, wall art, card designs and prints! Spending time doing something you love means you will eventually be able to leave a job that you aren’t enjoying to channel all that energy into a ‘craft empire’! Another huge benefit is the ability to be able to work from home and have the freedom to run your business however you may choose.


A Cabin Master Hobby and Craft Room is more than often a dream come true for our customers; you can leave your machine set up and supplies laid out, as well as using it as a space to store fabric and an array of accessories. It is a dedicated space to your creative energy that can be accessed at any time - without having to clear up afterwards or have any distractions. Choosing Cabin Master for your garden building is a no-brainer as we design, manufacture and install all our own buildings on your ideal concept, ensuring you are 100% happy from start to finish. Our Nottingham and Studley Show Sites offer a huge range of Garden Buildings in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing our customers to envision and experience their Hobby and Craft Room before they call it their own.

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