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Una was looking to replace an existing summer house she had in her garden with something more modern to enjoy with family & friends. Here at Cabin Master, we helped get her dream in motion & created a garden room for her that ticked all the boxes. We visited Una recently to hear all about her experience with us, and of course have a peep at the stunning space she has created.

Why did you choose Cabin Master over other companies?

“We saw you advertised in a local, free magazine called Grapevine that is posted through the door, and I noticed you were just up the road, so decided to visit the Show Site and have a look. We were delighted to find a company nearby, right on our doorstep! I was impressed from our first visit to the Cabin Master Show Site and our meeting with the Sales Executive, George. The dream started to become a possibility. The variety of cabins on show was so impressive, however what really interested me was the fact that we could design our own cabin from scratch, and therefore it would fit into our garden. I was amazed this was possible, as I didn’t realise that the cabins could be altered by size or design. George was really helpful without being pushy.”

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How did you decide on the design?

“I was fairly clear about how I would use the cabin as it replaced a much smaller summer house. I wanted it to be a bit of a sanctuary; somewhere quiet to read in, listen to music, a place to enjoy a glass of wine with friends. I liked the idea of creating a quiet area away from the house that I could pop out to for an afternoon snooze, or to admire the garden & watch wildlife coming and going; a little place away from home that was separate from the house. It was wonderful to be able to have electricity, double glazing and floor to ceiling windows – now we’re able to use the room throughout the seasons and watch seasonal changes in the garden area. George was such a great help in this respect – showing me all the available options & helping me chose what was best for me. Again down to George. He showed me what was available and helped me to choose. We opted for a Hybrid building – which combined two different cladding options. We loved the natural look of the Redwood cladding, but knew we didn’t want to have to treat the whole of the building with a stain or preservative as an ongoing thing, because parts of it are difficult to reach, so we chose to have Marley Board on the two less prominent parts of the building, as the Marley Board doesn’t require any maintenance once it’s been installed.”

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What was your experience with the installation process?

“Fantastic – we chose the date wanted and this was adhered to. Everything was done on time by a friendly, polite and unobtrusive team who each had a role to play, including the electrician. It was a really impressive team effort! We were so confident in them that we just let them get on with it and the garden room was completed within 3 days. They were so efficient, we were so impressed with them – there wasn’t one hitch the whole time.”

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What would be your advice to others thinking about buying a garden building from Cabin Master?

“We would recommend Cabin Master 100% without hesitation – my garden room has been admired by everyone who has seen it! The whole execution from sales to installation was so well planned with the help of George and we are very satisfied with it. I love it!! We were very impressed with every department. A really impressive customer focused workforce. I love it when businesses are this good and to be honest it is quite rare to experience this high level of customer service with other companies.”

It’s so fantastic to hear – thanks, Una, for taking the time to speak to us & tell us all about your experiences.

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