Mona's Summerhouse Music Studio

From a home office with a gym, to a lounge with music studio & everything in between, our dual spaces help you make the most of every square inch. Here at Cabin Master, we're more than used to our clients wanting to create a multi-purpose room, but envisioning a space that can do double or triple duty can bring its challenges. Whether you’re trying to maximize a small space, create a versatile bonus room, or make an open floor plan more functional, we can work with you to perfect your summerhouse design every step of the way. We recently worked with Mona, who has transformed her 7.5m x 4m Cabin Master summerhouse into an incredible garden office/music studio/chill out area. We caught up with her to get a peek at the amazing space she's created...

Why Choose Cabin Master For Your Summerhouse Music Studio

Cabin Master takes huge pride in designing & manufacturing your garden music studio completely around you; let your creativity thrive, & we'll bring your ideas to life. There is no such thing as an off-the-shelf garden summerhouse here at Cabin Master; we design, custom build & install all our own buildings on your concept, ensuring you are 100% happy from start to finish. We include a free site survey & free design drawings with all our summerhouses to ensure we know from the start exactly what you need. We even put your base in, paint the cabin inside, as well as install all the internal electrics from sockets to spotlights. Our Nottingham & Studley show sites offer a huge range of garden buildings in a variety of shapes, sizes & cladding choices, allowing our customers to envision & experience their summerhouse before they call it their own. We have a 10-year guarantee on all our buildings as we are confident in how good they are. Check out the praise we receive on Trustpilot & see just how impressed our clients are with our level of customer service is praised consiste being praised constantly by our new owners, knowing they can get in touch with us at any point has made the process much smoother and hassle-free.


How Do We Help You Decide On The Design?

Mona opted for a Cedar Hybrid building for her summerhouse music room, so they were able to incorporate the zero maintenance cladding into their design to minimise the upkeep on her cabin, whilst still keeping a chic woodland feel to the look of her building with the Cedar cladding the predominant finish. Our fully bespoke approach meant that they could work with our 3D designers to bring their visions to life until they were 100% satisfied with their building design.  

"David & the sales team at the Nottingham show site were awesome! We were so impressed with the variety on show with all the potential options and styles; it was great to be able to browse so many buildings to get feel for the design elements we wanted to include without feeling pressurized. We knew from the outset we wanted a nice balance between design & cost, & that we wanted a woodland feel, so chose the Cedar as the main cladding its just so stunning; it has a really premium look about it. We opted for the zero maintenance Marley Board on the back & left side, so that we didn't have to worry about upkeep on the hard to reach areas behind the building. The whole thing came together so brilliantly!"

They've created a bright, spacious room choosing Antique Cream from our interior paint options, paired with the Hickory flooring option. They've furnished & accessorised their summerhouse beautifully with a collection of warm textures & colours - lots browns, tans, wood, leather & plants, of course. 

How Was The Cabin Master Experience?

"Fantastic! We recommend Cabin Master unreservedly! From the initial show site visit in Nottingham, up until the day it was installed, the service we received was outstanding from all departments. We were really keen to choose a garden room company local to us that also had a large selection of buildings on show...Cabin Master was the perfect fit. Being able to see all the available options helped us so much when we were thinking about the design of our garden summerhouse. With David's help & the expertise of the designers, it all came together beautifully!"


Why Should I Invest In A Summerhouse?

The modern summer house makes a fabulous retreat for work, play, or relaxation. With our personalised, custom designs, professional craftsmen & guarantee, our summerhouses will give you a lifetime of enjoyment & a fantastic upgrade to your garden. Our summerhouses can be used as an addition to your current living area, providing plenty of extra space. All our buildings are fully insulated, so can be used all year round.

Close up our doors on a large summerhouse

Mona's Cabin Master Journey


"I first heard about Cabin Master through a family friend, who had heard good things about them. As we were very keen on using a local business so we could actually see the example buildings at their extensive show site, they fitted the bill perfectly & made the short trip over to Nottingham. We met with David, who was so friendly & helpful. It was brilliant they have a no-pressure selling philosophy too, as it felt like we could take our time browsing without any hard-sell. I was extremely impressed with the quality of cabins, the choices available & knowledgeable sales team, who really knew their stuff. The pricing was clear from the get go, with no hidden extras, & the buildings are constructed to the highest quality standards & specification, with everything we needed included in one price. Our new summerhouse is perfect. It works for us so well & completes the garden. It's great to have a useful separate space away from the house that also fits perfectly into its surroundings."

The Cabin Master Installation Process

"Our summerhouse installation was an amazing experience! They came in as a team, worked hard as a team & produced the result in super quick time and on budget...we were blown away! From the moment we ordered, we were contacted really quickly & booked in with a date suitable to us, & we were kept fully informed right up until the day of install. The teams that came out were just brilliant - methodical & organised, polite, friendly, & most importantly were clean & tidy. They talked us through everything before they left & made sure we were completely happy." 


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