Nick & Paula's Corner Garden Room

Nick and Paula wanted a multifunctional garden room to enjoy all year round which wouldn't dominate their existing outdoor space. Since all of our garden rooms are bespoke, we designed them a building to slot perfectly into their chosen corner, leaving them maximum garden space to enjoy to the fullest! We caught up with Nick and Paula to see how they were getting on with their new corner garden room...

Why Choose Cabin Master For Your Corner Garden Room


"Since we live locally to the Cabin Master show village in Nottingham, we had already known about the company for some time. It was only when we finally paid a visit for ourselves that we were able to appreciate the wonder and quality of the cabins properly - they're even better than the photos online! We knew Cabin Master were the company for us because unlike many other companies, all of their buildings are bespoke. This was especially important for us as we needed a custom shape and design to suit the corner space in our garden where we had envisioned placing our dream building. With Cabin Master, we had so much flexibility, as well as the ability to choose exactly what we wanted through every step of the way."


How Did You Decide On the Design?

"We began with a vision of what we wanted our garden room to be - an addition to our outdoor space which would fit with our existing garden design. We already had a circular seating area and a raised patio, so we wanted our garden room to tie in seamlessly with the shapes we had already created. We discussed this with the Cabin Master team, and they heard us loud and clear! A corner garden room was the perfect way to add extra living space without detracting from our garden. The free design service was hugely beneficial for us. The team talked us through the cladding options and we opted for cedar which looks beautiful and compliments our other garden features."

How Was The Cabin Master Experience?

“Our experience with Cabin Master has been wonderful. We were very impressed with the professionalism at every stage of the process. Our visit to the show site was excellent and the whole team were really helpful, especially the designer who supported us to achieve the look we wanted. We would recommend working with Cabin Master to anyone looking to upgrade their gardens, our results are proof of their expertise!"


Why Should I Invest In Corner Garden Room?

There are many reasons we might need more living space, or to want a room where we can relax and unwind away from the demands of daily life. Our bespoke corner garden rooms are designed to be functional spaces that avoid dominating your garden. They simply slot into your chosen corner, leaving the rest of your garden space for leisure! Enjoy views of your garden all year round and use your space however you please. 

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