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A home cinema room is a luxurious addition to any space to spare, and provides amazing opportunities for entertaining friends and family. And since staying in is the new going out, why not skip the overhead costs and stress of extending your home and opt for a Cabin Master garden cinema room? Not nearly as expensive or chaotic as building work on your house, our bespoke garden cinema rooms invest in creating your perfect space and give you somewhere to kick back, relax and escape into some TV and movie magic. 

When taking the leap to invest in your garden cinema room, take some time to think about what kind of space you want to be creating for yourself. This will help you help us make sure we create your perfect space to de-stress and catch up on your favourite shows! Are you leaning more towards using this space for entertaining or as your own safe haven after a hard day's work? Or are you more inclined to hosting movie nights with your friends and family? You also need to take in what kind of furnishings you want to have in your garden cinema room. Are we thinking popcorn maker? Or even transforming it into an arcade with a refurbished Pac man machine! 


Our garden rooms are multifunctional spaces - meaning you can combine your cinema room with an office and make the absolute most out of your outdoor space! For some added inspiration, why not come and visit one of Show Sites in Nottingham and Studley? With up to 25 different garden buildings in a huge range of shapes and styles, it's the perfect trip out to help envision how we can accommodate your wants and needs. 


So now we've figured out what you're using your garden cinema room for - here comes the exciting part! How do you want your garden building to look? Here at Cabin Master, we want to install a garden cabin that you love to look at as well as make use of! We have three fantastic timber claddings for you to choose from, it just depends on which one best captures the vision you have in your head.


Our Scandinavian Redwood has a beautiful and timeless appearance full of character and charm. Although our most cost-effective option, you certainly won't be compromising on the quality. 


The vibrant and dramatic Cedar cladding is a popular choice amongst our previous customers. It holds an unmatched aesthetic appeal and is the ultimate expression of luxury in your garden.


Choosing our Marley Board material means you will never have to think about the upkeep of your building again! Modern, hardwearing and versatile, it becomes more and more popular each year due to the range of colours we can offer it in meaning it suits any environment! 


How Do We Help You Decide On The Design?

A bespoke Cabin Master garden cinema room also includes the added installation of internal design elements in order for you to really make it your own. Your dream garden cinema room could be a versatile space with an office or toilet included; something that is easily achievable when adding in an internal partition/door so it is closed off from the rest of the room. The lighting options we offer are excellent to be able to create the perfect environment to delve into whatever you're watching on the big screen. We also give you the added extra of internal painting; we have a variety of colours including neutral greys and whites to more bold and dark navy blues in order to achieve the right ambience for your cinema room! 

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