Carey & Liam had been considering getting a Garden Studio for some time. They researched online and visited some local companies, but no one could offer them what they really wanted. Liam works in London, but also needs to work from home one day a week, and using the kitchen table or bedroom was impractical. Their house had already been extended, the loft was simply not big enough to convert, and their basement was not an option, so the ideal solution was a Garden Studio.

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The experience from start to finish:

Carey said “My Dad knew we were looking and he saw Cabin Master at a Show, so he passed on their details. I called them and spoke to Mark who helpfully produced some CAD drawings from our ideas – other companies weren’t willing to do that and obviously, when you are considering investing so much money you want to actually see what you are going to spend that money on…
Mark and the team worked really hard to make sure we were both happy, the process was simple, and we felt confident moving forward to the next stage” Liam said “Cabin Master were the only company willing to really help us in designing our Garden Studio. All the others said ‘Yeah well we can do what you want if you come up with what needs doing’. Well, at that point we didn’t know exactly what we wanted, we needed someone who had done it before to give us some advice on the details – how it should look, dimensions etc. Cabin Master have that expertise”.


“Cabin Master’s price was very similar to the other companies we’d approached – it wasn’t cheap but nor was it expensive – it was what we were expecting to pay. I think the great thing was that they were so helpful. Nikki [Carey & Liam’s next door neighbour] decided she wanted one as well, and Mark came up with designs that complimented each other. It’s that attention to detail that made it all so easy”. Carey said “The quote was very clear. It said ‘this is how much you are paying for your windows, this is how much you are paying for the actual building, etc’ and it itemised so you knew where you could make cost savings if you wanted to, or ask for something in a different material”

The Fitting

“The guys onsite were awesome, they were really really good. Great lads, couldn’t do enough for you.” “Every step of the way they would ask if we would like to come and have a look” “It went up really quickly, we were really surprised. Every day we were coming home from work thinking we would only see a little difference but actually it was very quick!”

What would be your advice to others thinking about buying a garden building or a Cabin Master Garden Studio?

“If you have the space in your garden I would definitely do it. And I would recommend Cabin Master every day of the week. And we have recommended them already… just from a point of view of getting things done and making sure everything is finished. The professionalism has been brilliant.”

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