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Alan’s vision for creating an extensive gym set up at home was brought to life when he chose a Cabin Master Garden Room – the perfect way to add extra space at home, without extending your house. The end result is a 6 x 3.5m Marley Board clad garden building, fully equipped with a fully functioning home gym, with a small area for storage for his golf clubs & biking equipment. He’s created a fantastic, practical & functional space that suits him & his lifestyle. We recently visited Alan to find out more about his Cabin Master journey, and have a sneak peek at his new garden room.

Why did you choose Cabin Master over other companies?

“I had mentioned to a friend that I was thinking about investing in a garden room, and they knew someone who had recently used Cabin Master and was singing  your praises, so we began our journey. We looked at at least 10 other companies but eventually settled on Cabin Master, as they were streets ahead of the others; the buildings are completely bespoke, so there was 100% flexibility to get want we wanted, plus we could visit a physical show site to actually see the buildings and speak face to face with the sales team. The rooms are stunning, within our budget and the lead time from placing our order to having it installed was great too, so we went for it!”

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How did you decide on the design?

“We were looking for something that looked fantastic, as well as being practical, so after getting lots of information from the sales team on the various cladding options available, we settled on the Marley Board as it is hardwearing & doesn’t require any maintenance once the building’s been installed, which was huge factor for us. We wanted something that would stand the test of time but without the added work of having to be painted or treated over the number of years you have it. As the Marley Board is available in a huge range of colours, it was the obvious choice for us! Again, the great thing about having a ‘blank canvas’ and a bespoke build, was that we could add the features we needed to get the best out of the space – we added an internal partition wall so that we could separate the storage area from the gym. We were able to split the space 80% gym, 20% storage with a partition and side door. almost like a ‘tradesmans entrance’.”

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What was your experience with the installation process?

“Tom, Paul & Reco were amazing –  efficient & professional. From off loading all the parts off the van, to getting the building up, the team worked so hard. It was impressive to watch, such a great team effort! They were neat, tidy & considerate, and it was a pleasure having them here.

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What would be your advice to others thinking about buying a garden building from Cabin Master?

“We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Cabin Master to anyone thinking about having a garden room installed. The whole process was easy & stress-free, and we are so glad we chose them to install it. We are absolutely over the moon with the building and the extra space it has given us!”

Alan, we’re delighted you’re so happy with the space you’ve been able to create with Cabin Master and we wish you many more years of happiness.

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