Helen's Small Garden Office

Helen was fed up with her work clutter eating into her home life. She needed to set some boundaries and create some extra space that allowed her to keep her focus on her academics without the time-waste of a commute to an office…her outdoor space was clearly the best location & a priority for her. We were thrilled to be able to collaborate with her on this incredible project, helping to bring her vision to life and balance to her world. She opted for a redwood garden office...

Why Choose Cabin Master for your Garden Office?

“I was fortunate enough to hear about Cabin Master through a work colleague of mine. She had recently invested in one of your garden office buildings and highly recommended you. Upon speaking with Anne-Marie (Sales Executive) I found out that you directly employ your team; ensuring greater accountability, as well as better working conditions. I liked the fact that prices were not negotiable and I could get it on 9 months pay later interest free. I also wanted a team to complete the job to an incredible standard and not leave me with finding an electrician or decorator. Taking a trip to the Nottingham Show Site furthered my trust in Cabin Master as it was a great way to see a huge range of sizes and styles of the cabins. This really helped me identify what might work best for my needs!”

How Do We Help You Decide On The Design?

“After the Show Site visit, I decided to opt for a hybrid cladding; the slow grown Scandinavian redwood for the front and sides due to the fact that I could stain it a different colour after a few years. It’s wood coloured now but may be painted black in a few years. I then had a Marley Board cladding for the back due to its versatility and low maintenance. The best part about the design process was how intricate and straightforward each aspect was. There was always a quick response to all of my queries - I really felt that I was Cabin Master’s number one priority. The huge range of optional add-ons was also a massive help in personalising this garden office to fit in with my aesthetic. I chose white for my interior with an eye-catching feature wall painted Steam Engine (Mid-Green) to add an edge to my cabin.”

How Was The Cabin Master Experience?

Cabin Master are excellent! They are the only company I would recommend for a garden office. Mine is brilliant! It has brought tranquillity to my life; I use it every day from 8am and it allows me to separate this from my home life. The installation was exceptional, as was everything else. The team of fitters were super efficient and respectful staff. There were absolutely no delays, and they gave me notice about arrival time the night before. It was very impressive!”

Why Should I Choose A Garden Office?

Working from home allows us to reset our work-life balance and view our home spaces with a more creative eye. However, when your indoor space starts to get cluttered with work files and general mess it’s time to take it outside. Our bespoke and personalised home office cabins are the perfect way to utilise your outdoor area instead of drastically changing your home, yet still gives you the feeling of ‘going to work’ at the end of your garden. Get it done without the commute! 

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