Arctic Cabins 10m² BBQ Hut Grill House & Hot Tub

Our lovely customer, David, opted for a 10m² Arctic BBQ Hut alongside a Hydropool Hot Tub to create an amazing, luxury space within his garden that the whole family could enjoy all year round. The result is absolutely, with their grill hut and hot tub being the ideal finishing touches to their garden. We visited David's wonderful home recently to catch up with him & to find out how he's getting on since having them installed. It was great to find out a bit more about his experiences with us too...

Why Choose Cabin Master For Your BBQ Cabin


"We decided quickly that we were going to go with an Arctic Cabin grill hut. As they offered everything we were looking for, we we were able to make our decision quite quickly. We only ever buy from companies who provide a quality product as well as offering fantastic customer service, and as Hydropool & Arctic Cabins ticked both boxes easily, we were completely sold from the get go! We measured up the garden space as soon as we got back from the show site. We were given a sizing chart while we were there, which came in really useful once we were back at home. We then revisited to place our order. It was all really straight forward!"


Where Did You Hear About Cabin Master?

"We had began thinking about adding something to our garden, and some friends of ours had visited the Hydropool Midlands showroom in Nottingham and were impressed. So we visited the site to check the hot tubs out. While we were there, we came across the outdoor show site for Arctic Cabins & Cabin Master and it got us thinking. Actually, we were really impressed by the variety of buildings on show. There's literally one for every use you can think of and we looked at them all! The atmosphere was also really relaxed, which we liked. There was no pushy sales, we were able to just browse in our own time & ask questions as and when we had them."

How Often Do You Use Your BBQ Cabin?

"Honestly, we have used our hot tub every day for the past 3 months, we love it! Our BBQ Hut is a great, social place with the cosy fire, lovely for chatting or listening to music. There's such a relaxed atmosphere in there. We have found that the hot tub/grill hut combo works so well, as there's a bit of variety for when we have guests. Plus on chilly nights you can warm up in the Arctic Cabin after you've been in the hot tub!"

How Was The Installation Process?

"Absolutely superb from start to finish. The lads that came out to fit both the BBQ hut, and even Gareth, the company director popped over to see how they were getting on. He also came out when we were having our hot tub installed around a year later. We loved that the business owner came out, it was clear he really cares about his customers & has a lot of time for them. The complete journey was faultless. All the staff we dealt with were friendly and nothing was too much trouble and well worthy of the 5 star Trustpilot review we gave" 


Why Choose a BBQ Hut by Cabin Master?

"We wouldn't hesitate in recommending both Hydropool Midlands & Arctic Cabins, and have done to many of our friends & family since. The whole experience was mind blowing - bravo Arctic Cabins & Hydropool Midlands! It is a well run family business who care about their customers. We have visited many times since and are already eyeing up our next purchase!"

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