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Michael works from home and his indoor space was being taken over by work files, so a solution was needed. He was looking to extend his living space at home, but to utilise his outdoor space rather than extend his property, so we worked with him to get his dream in motion & created a garden room for him that ticked all the boxes. We visited Michael recently to hear all about his experience with us, and of course have a peep at the stunning space he has created; an idyllic, calm setting that is the perfect spot to work from.

Why did you choose Cabin Master over other companies?

“I had been researching into garden offices, as I had been thinking about it for a while…then I happened to mention to a friend of mine at the gym, and she recommended Cabin Master. I did my research on the internet and had visited other companies but everything was ‘off the peg’ so didn’t tick all the boxes & just didn’t fulfil our needs. As Cabin Master offer bespoke builds, they were able to build you a room exactly to your specifications, rather than their sizes etc being rigid. I visited the Show Site in Nottingham and was won over by the winning combination of price, choice and customer service. Also the fact that they have such a variety of buildings you can view inside & out at the Show Site really helped us make our decision.

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How did you decide on the design?

I really wanted something that looked great in the space, as well as being practical, so after getting lots of information from the sales team on the various cladding options available, I settled on the Marley Board. As it is hardwearing & doesn’t require any maintenance once the building’s been installed, the idea that the garden room would stand the test of time but without the added work of having to be painted or treated over the number of years you have it was a massive plus point. It was also available in a huge range of colours, so it was the obvious choice for us! Again, the great thing about having a ‘blank canvas’ and a bespoke build, was that it was designed for us with the on-site designer, who was able to show us a CAD version of what it would look like once built, so it was really easy to see how it would fit in our garden.

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What was your experience with the installation process?

“Alex, Kev & Steven were amazing –  an extremely helpful and friendly team who were flexible with our last minute requirements on the day, brilliant! From off loading all the parts off the van, to getting the building up, the team worked so hard. It was impressive to watch, such a great team effort! They were neat, tidy & considerate, and it was a pleasure having them here.

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What would be your advice to others thinking about buying a garden building from Cabin Master?

“Just get one! We’d love another if we could! Cabin Master have been outstanding at every point and we would 100% recommend without hesitation – my garden room has been admired by everyone who has seen it, and in fact we have some friends who are now interested in getting one themselves. The whole execution from sales to installation was so well planned with the help of George and we are very satisfied with it. I’m delighted with the space & with the extra space it has given us!”

It’s so fantastic to hear – thanks, Michael, for taking the time to speak to us & tell us all about your Cabin Master experience.


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