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John & Stephanie had been looking at investing in a garden room for some time, as a place to enjoy entertaining family & friends whilst being in their impressive garden. As their garden had two large trees near the location they were wanting to situate their garden room in, they needed a bespoke build that could be adapted to work around this. That’s where we we came in! Since having it installed in June 2021, they’ve done an absolutely amazing job decking it out to be the most stunning garden dining room. We recently popped over to have a look round the exquisite space they’ve created…

Why did you choose Cabin Master over other companies?

We had been looking at adverts in the press for a while and Googled companies who built them. We were delighted and surprised to find a local company near us that built & installed them! As Cabin Master was so local, it was easy to visit and look around. Once we saw the quality of the work, we didn’t want to look anywhere else. We visited the Nottingham Show Site on a snowy day in winter & we were amazed at how warm the garden rooms were, only heated by a tiny radiator so it was a great advert for the insulation!  We were very impressed with the number and variety of garden rooms and struck by the different things they could be used for.  In particular we fell in love with the dining room version and wanted to pick it up and take it home with us, as it was exactly what we were looking for.  The layout and decor was so stylish and it gave us so many ideas on how to present the room.

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How did you decide on the design?

“We wanted cladding that was maintenance free as we’d previously had a wooden deck which required annual maintenance & knew we didn’t want to go down the same route this time, so we chose the Marley Board cladding, as it’s a synthetic composite board it doesn’t require any ongoing treatment or painting, which was a real plus for us.  The garden room was going to be under trees as so would be somewhat shady, so it was important that the materials were very hardwearing.  We particularly liked the black Marley Board as we felt it would ‘melt’ into the background especially at night and sit well in our garden plot. The design process was great from start to finish.  It was very exciting that the options & Cabin Master were very flexible, so we pretty much designed it ourselves with help from the team.  They suggested some ideas and we tailored these to the way we wanted to use the room.”

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What was your experience with the installation process?

The installation process was so exciting!  The whole process took 5 days all in all, and we were so lucky to be blessed with good weather!  It was a 2 day process for the base, 2 days for the build and 1 day for painting.  We also decided to have an air conditioning unit which we added later as we’d installed the electrics just in case.  We were blessed with a very hot summer so within a very short time we had an air-conditioned room which was perfect. From start to finish the team were brilliant.  They made the process so easy and we wouldn’t have changed anything.  They were happy for us to go back to the show site any time to think through decorations and spent as much time with us as we wanted. We use the Garden room as a large dining room and seating area.  It is a lovely, happy place to eat with friends and sit to relax.  It has also been used as a conference room for work friends to meet for somewhere different/quiet for a work meeting for a nice change!

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What would be your advice to others thinking about buying a garden building from Cabin Master?

“We would absolutely recommend Cabin Master! I would advise anyone to remember that the base is extra in addition to the brochure prices. The brochure does make this clear but we didn’t notice at first. Everything went to plan, and the whole process was great.  The team dealt with a few minor snags very quickly after the build and were keen to check that we were totally happy.  The team stuck to the dates and the build time, finishing one day earlier than the planned 6 day build.  We were sat having dinner in the room 7 days after the build started, there was no decoration needed, it was all done and the room was ready for use!

It’s great to hear, we wish John, Stephanie & family many years of happy times in their Cabin Master garden room!

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