“very impressed with the whole company and everything from the sales team to the guys on site”

Steve who is a landscape architect moved home with his family and took on a full house and garden renovation with part of that work including the creation of a new office for Steve to be able to do his architectural work at home. They visited us at the Grand Designs show in Birmingham to learn more about what we do.

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Their experience from start to finish:

Steve said “We approached Mark and discussed our brief and he was very informative about the spec of your buildings and gave us all the information we needed. We had looked at other competitors, different styles of building’s, this particular style of building with the cedar clad is modern and suited us completely”
“From that point we came back home and did some more research, we went down to meet the team at the show site where we could look at different styles of cabins and different sizes, shapes, different styles of windows even the internal cladding. It was from there we got the idea for the decking!”
“We sat down with Mark, went through the figures and talked about the specifications and finalised everything and ordered the cabin”

The Fitting

“We were very surprised actually how short a time the team took to build the cabin….the first day they arrived it was a lovely frosty day, but then the second day it rained and it was really really difficult but having said that they coped admirably and liaised beautifully with the electrician to come and do his fix and produced a great building in actually difficult circumstances.”
“It’s a great team of guys, very impressed with the whole company and everything from the sales team to the guys on site. Sometimes you get let down, you have someone who is really good at sales and then you’re not so happy with the product but we have been happy with everything, and even after the construction the attention to detail when you came back to produce the decking for us. Nothing is a problem which is a breath of fresh air”

Did you ever consider having a summerhouse in the garden & an office inside the house?

“No because the house won’t accommodate an office and we wanted it to be slightly separate anyway, it’s nice to have it at the top of the garden and although it’s not a very long walk it separates it from the house”
“We are extremely happy with the style of building, the cedar clad is a really good looking structure and at this particular juncture so many people are looking to work from home and reduce costs. The other thing is it fits so well into the landscape”

What would be your advice to others thinking about buying a garden building or a Cabin Master cabin?

“I would recommend you guys, from all the research and looking at different cabins I would definitely recommend the company and the style of cabin”

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