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Hollie was looking to create a practical space outdoors to make room for a combined gym & office. A Cabin Master garden room was the ideal solution for her & her young family…and the result is stunning! We caught up with Hollie recently to find out a bit more about their journey with us, and of course have a peep at the stunning space they have created at home.

Why did you choose Cabin Master over other companies?

“We were looking at having a garden room installed, as we were aware we needed a bit of extra space so started thinking about it seriously & then remembered we’d driven past the Cabin Master Show Site a few times on the Nottingham A52. We were delighted to find a company nearby, located in our home town! We looked Cabin Master up online to find out a bit more about the process and what they offered – the reviews were outstanding and we got the impression Cabin Master stood for quality, so arranged a visit to the Show Site & met with George, the Sales Executive. We actually visited twice, which we found so helpful and we left feeling really impressed & excited. The level of service was excellent and relaxed so we knew we would be looked after.

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How did you decide on the design?

“We wanted something natural looking & loved the look of the Redwood cladding, as we were keen that our new Garden Room was in keeping with the aesthetic of our house – the Redwood has a really timeless feel to it, full of charm & character, which is what we wanted. Where the building was being located in the garden was quite focal, so it was really important that it blended into its surroundings. As we knew we were using the room as a dual purpose space – 60% gym and 40% office – we wanted to make sure that the layout worked for both areas, to almost create ‘zoned’ areas for each use. We also wanted to make sure both areas were inspiring places to be & that there was plenty of natural light; with Cabin Master producing 100% bespoke buildings, we were able to plan the placement of windows, doors, layout to every last detail, which was a major plus point in us choosing them to design our space!”

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What was your experience with the installation process?

“Tom & the team of fitters were absolutely brilliant! Efficient & professional, and very good at what they do. We couldn’t believe how quickly the guys worked, they made such speedy progress but were precise & careful. The service was authentic and the cabin was installed with speed and professionalism. If we move we will definitely build another one with you…only bigger!

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What would be your advice to others thinking about buying a garden building from Cabin Master?

“Having the Cabin has been fantastic & has provided much-needed space away from the house to escape to, concentrate or relax. We’re so glad we chose Cabin Master to install it as the whole process from start to finish has been easy & stress free. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Cabin Master to anybody looking to have one installed, best thing we ever did!

It’s so fantastic to hear – thanks, Hollie, for taking the time to speak to us & tell us all about your experiences.

If you’re interested to find out more about Hollie, follow her on Instagram @hollbott, for all things CrossFit, & being a body positive working mum.

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