In June 2018 Emma Dicken had her very own Cabin Master Photography Studio installed at her home. We caught up with Emma earlier this year to find out about her experience with us and see how she was finding working in her own creative space. Read her story here:

“I chose Cabin Master as they came highly recommended on a photographers forum I use.  I found the design process really easy and I liked the fact that I could choose how many windows and doors to have and could put them exactly where I wanted, the 3d design was brilliant. I changed my mind several times with the doors and windows and Cabin Master were more than happy to make sure everything was exactly how I wanted it.

We decided to put underfloor heating in our cabin and as it is also fully insulated this means the cabin heats up really quickly (essential if you are photographing newborns in winter!). This meant we had to delay the painter by a few weeks but it wasn’t an issue for Cabin Master and they booked him on a date that suited us.

I like the fact that everything is included in the price (doors, windows, sockets, internal and external lights, even the skirting boards) there were no hidden costs!

Simon originally came out to do a site survey and quotation, we found him very helpful and not at all pushy, he gave us he price there and then and left us to discuss it.  We also went to the showroom to have a look around the cabins which was very impressive and useful to see the different designs.

The week of installation was very exciting! the base team arrived on the Wednesday and built out wooden base, the other team were here Thursday and Friday and then it was finished, the electrician liaised with us and we could choose exactly where we wanted all the sockets, light switches etc. We chose to have the sockets quite high up, as I photograph children I wanted them out of the reach of little fingers.  The team were really friendly, efficient and very hard working.

I chose quite a large cabin (7m x 4m) so I could have a few different shooting areas, I have my white backdrop for families and have installed a roller system with three coloured backdrops, and I also have my beanbag for newborns.  As I had the walls painted white I also use the cabin wall and laminate floor as backdrops too.

A couple of months after the cabin was installed I had a problem with the windows, none of them would shut properly, we had had the hottest summer in forever and I think something had expanded in the heat.  I contacted Simon and he got a fitter to come out straight away and sort them out so I was very impressed with that.

Also I had to apply for retrospective planning permission, the council were very fussy and needed several different plans sending through, Simon was really helpful and sent through everything I needed.  I was particularly impressed with this as I’m sure a lot of companies would have charged for the extra work.

Everybody who comes into the cabin comments on how beautiful it is and how nice it must be to work from home, I feel very lucky! I absolutely love the fact that I can now work from home, but it is a separate building so I don’t have to have clients coming into the family home.  I now have no monthly rent to pay and have sold one of the family cars as I no longer need to commute, which is a massive help to the family budget.

I would recommend any photographer who is renting their space to look into getting their own cabin, and I would highly recommend Cabin Master.”

Visit Emma’s webiste here: http://www.emmadicken.co.uk

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