At Cabin Master the emphasis is on quality. The quality of our buildings, quality of customer service and first class in-house installation teams is something that we are very proud of and has become the cornerstone of our business.

We have set out to achieve what we believe is the ideal system for giving the customer exactly what they require from their new garden room, from the initial telephone call and site visit to establish your exact wants and needs, to our professional installation teams we feel that this is exactly what we have done. We hope you agree!

Gareth Parkinson

Looks after the sale of all our Cabins and has been doing so since day one. If you buy a Cabin the chances are it will be Gareth who does your site survey and gives you all the information and advice you need. His favourite chocolate bar is a Star Bar and he’s also the Big Boss!

Cliff Hickling

Our resident Scouser, Cliff is a key part of our sales and business development team. Cliff loves his fine dining and classy clothes. When he’s not working at the factory you may find him at an F1 meeting.

Mark Jennison

He keeps all of our networks open, computers and laptops working, tablets and phones ringing. Basically anything you can plug in Mark is responsible for. He is also an experienced user of CAD and Mark will be the one who designs a building for you to look at. A lover of musical theatre and a keen camper. Mark is fastidious in all that he does.

Sean Calladine

Sean along with Dean run our manufacturing operation. Sean has just become a dad for the first time. Obsessive compulsive cleanliness tells you all you need to know about Calladine junior.

Dean Selby

What Dean doesn’t know about joinery is not worth knowing. With 20 years’ site joinery experience Dean is quite simply “De man”. When he’s not working you’ll find him riding his bike or at a gig. Don’t mention the maple bevel.

Sam Elvin

Sam has been with Cabin Master for 10 years. This is Sam’s first job out of college but he is one of our most experienced and trusted joiners. Quiet, calm and collected, we can always rely on Sam and Rob to get the job done and finished on site.

Tom Brandrick

Sure as eggs are eggs, if you order a building from Cabin Master Tom will have been involved in the manufacture of it. Tom is an integral part of the manufacturing process and when he’s not hard at work making cabins you will find him having a good knock in his whites!!

Rob Lee

Rob is a time served joiner and has been with Cabin Master for around a year now. Rob is a thinker and if we have a problem out on site you can be sure that he will find a way to fix it. Rob and Sam form the spine of our teams that are out installing the cabins and are both excellent joiners.