Garden Rooms

Do you need an extra living space for a hot tub, man cave, craft room or somewhere to relax? Our contemporary cedar clad garden rooms are the answer!

Extra room

If you need extra space, perhaps a Garden Room, Teenage Den, Office or just a place to kick back and relax, Cabin Master will design and build you a building to suit your needs perfectly. Each of our Garden Rooms is made from scratch, according to each clients unique needs, and as everyone is different so are all of our buildings.

A Quick Checklist For Buying A Garden Room
Mark Jennison

Advising you at every step

On our initial phone call we will establish the size and style of building that you are looking for and put together a CAD drawing to see how close we are to the thing that you have in mind, the drawing, once approved by you will form part of the pack that we give to our guys in the factory and the Cabin fitters who install the room in your garden.

5 Types Of Garden Rooms For Sale & How To Make The Right Choice!
Mark Jennison

Adding value to your home

A quality Garden Room can increase the value of your home and should you ever wish to sell your property, the saleability too... needless to say it's also a lot more affordable and less disruptive than extending your home. Our Cabins rarely require planning consent and with prices starting at less than £10,000 fully installed, the choice to add more space is more achievable than it's ever been.

The Cabin Master Garden Rooms cover just about any sort of building that you can think of. In the past we have made reiki rooms, play rooms, shiatsu rooms, hot tub rooms, man caves, bird’s nests, observatories, train set rooms, sewing rooms, potting rooms, home cinema and room for granny and granddad. If you are looking for a quality Garden Room, then look no further.

If you don't talk to us we can't talk back!!

Please let us know what your requirements are and we will get back to you. The form below is to give us an idea of what it is you are looking for so just let us know the size and style of building and we will do the rest.

Case Studies for Garden Rooms