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Camping Cabins & Pods

Camping buildings that you design around your specific requirements, made in the UK to the highest possible standard.

There are numerous arrangements of our Camping Cabins and Pod Arches, but most commonly we call them The Rambler, The Camper and The Glamper. These camping pod style buildings are all manufactured at our Derbyshire factory in the UK.

The Arch has straighter walls which don’t start to curve until around shoulder height. This means that you can stand up right to the edge of the room without bumping your head. It also allows for stand-alone furniture to be used without modification as it will fit flush to the wall. More of the internal space is useable.

The Arches are available in a variety of sizes and can sleep between 2 - 8 people. There are a multitude of ways to fit them out including bathrooms and kitchens. They can be fitted with bunks or double beds or left empty for stand-alone furniture from a supplier of your choice. You can even just provide the space for your guest to camp in with them bringing everything they need, bar the tent itself.

The Arches are made using slow grown redwood and they are guaranteed for 10 years. If you are considering camping pods these are well worth considering.

Advising you at every step

On our initial phone call we will establish the size and style of building that you are looking for so a CAD drawing can be created.
The next step is to come and survey your site and give you an idea of what you will need to stand the building on, we can advise you on different types of foundations and bases and give an idea of the sort of costs involved. Some people want to provide their own base and some want us to provide the base for them.
For planning we have an Architect (Ian Nelson) who can give you information regarding planning permission as well as deal with your local council if you want him to. Ian is an experienced Architect and is normally only needed to deal with the bigger jobs that come in but the choice is yours whether to use him or not. In most cases our Garden Rooms come within permitted development and will not require permission.

Manufactured in the UK

We manufacture in the UK because it is the only way we have found to get good quality control over the product that we send out. In the last 20 years we have dealt with companies from all over Europe and we find that working to someone else's timings (and being let down) means we are letting our customers down and this is not something we are prepared to live with. We started our factories around 20 years ago, we make literally thousands of buildings per year and we would love to show you around if you would like to come to the factories and have a look at how we operate and the quality that we produce.

We also think that British Manufacturing is something to be proud of and intend to continue making quality garden rooms and timber structures for as long as there is a demand.

Case Studies for Camping Cabins & Pods


Timber camping units have become popular over the last few years and can now be found across the UK, the popularity of these buildings in peaceful, beautiful environments continue to be a popular choice with families, campers, walkers, couples and cyclists and often tempt those who don’t camp to give this type of holiday a try.

Every Camping Cabin we sell is expertly constructed, secure and affordable with a proven ROI. As a leading camping cabins supplier, we are also able to offer finance options on our camping cabins and camping pods. We offer a wide range of timber buildings suitable for new and established campsites, holiday parks, leisure parks, open fields and glamping sites.

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