An escape for the kids, with the kids, from the kids! ~ ‘Contain the mess not the fun’

Our Story

Sarah & Iain Adamson needed a solution to their daily routine. Iain works shifts and often sleeps during the day, with 2 small children aged 2 and 5 their home was filled with activities, toys and noise! They spoke about moving home to create more space and a better layout but not only was this financially impossible they also love the house they are in and its location.

They looked into having an extension which was also out of their price bracket so a conservatory was next on the list. Once they looked into it and the benefits they were still not happy their needs had been met. The noise would still be in the house forcing Sarah to take the children away from home during the day. Their next thought was the garden. What if they could create an extra room in the garden, away from the house! That’s when they contacted us.

They sat down with the team and told us what their needs were, the size of space they were able to allocate to their cabin and also what they wished it to look like. Mark our designer created them a CAD¹ drawing so they could see what the building would be like before it was made. Then came the time when the quote was generated – they were amazed, not only was it half the price of the conservatory option but as the cabin is insulated they didn’t have to think about independent heating either. It was perfect, it ticked all the boxes and it was their very own ideas made into reality.

Planning Permission

Did you need any planning permission for the building?

After discussions with Gareth on regulations the building being away from the perimeter lines, house and size of building we needed no planning permission for the building so it was a no brainer! We placed the order that day.

The Build

Through talks with the team they needed the cabin installed before their son’s 2nd birthday to enable them to have their perfect party at home. Sarah said “we gave them a date and it was installed the week before. They called in advance and arrived at 8.30am. They literally didn’t stop working until it was all perfect and left our home about 3.30pm. Our cabin was here, we were over the moon.”

How has this changed your daily routine?

We have so many uses for it. The boys use it during the day for playing in, doing crafts and having space to have their friends over after school, and there is no need to worry about the noise and mess in the house anymore. We have electricity in the cabin now and Iain has his xbox in there so he can have gaming evenings! I can have the girls over for the evening sitting outside but within the comfort of the cabin. At Christmas we even had our dinner in there! It was a mild day so we put the little standalone heater on for half an hour and it was perfect. With it being fully insulated I think I have only used the heater 3 or 4 times in the last year!”
We also have a sofa bed in there so it is perfect for a guest room. As the boys get bigger I am sure the uses will change over time but for now it is the ideal solution for us and we love it.

Do you feel you have lost part of your garden?

The area where the cabin is now was a barked area for the kids to have their sandpit and climbing frame. It was only used 3-4 months of the year if that! Now they have so much more space to use all year round.

Have there been any issues with the cabin in the last year since fitting?

Not one! We have fitted guttering and a water butt to the side of the cabin so that we can use the rain water from the roof throughout the garden which has been great.

What would be your advice to others thinking about buying a Cabin Master cabin?

Don’t waste time just do it! This company has been outstanding from the minute we walked into the show site and have met every need we had and to be honest they have exceeded it. We only wish we had done this sooner. It has made life so much easier for our whole family. We love our Cabin Master cabin and we know we will enjoy it for many years to come.

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