Daz Frost had decided to buy a hot tub and looked at many different companies to find the perfect building in which to house the hot tub. He said “They were all so ‘off the shelf’ and not the highest quality. My friend had seen your page on Facebook in the summer and suggested I go to the factory. It was great, you could see how good the quality was and I loved the BBQ Cabins too. They were creating a new hot tub room on site and it just ticked all the boxes”
Mark created a CAD* drawing so that the building could be proofed and changes made if needed. “I couldn’t have found a better design. The fact that I could have it any size and shape and have the doors anywhere I wanted made a huge difference as I knew where I wanted things to go on the inside”

From design, to purchase, to build

“It was great having a building made exactly to your needs rather than having to change things to fit in to a standard style of building. I love the fact you can’t see the fittings on the inside too, gives it a more polished look. We had a few teething problems to start with but the aftersales have been amazing and I love the room, its exactly what I was wanting.”

What would be your advice to others thinking about buying a Cabin Master cabin?

“I would highly recommend Cabin Master they have a really great team at their offices and on the fitting side.”

*Computer aided design